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Found 34 results

  1. RyanGarlick

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    Hey! With the expansion of Heart of Thorns only 15 days away I feel the need to start preparing for what is upcoming with the new features, as I am sure some of you do as well. This included but is not limited too: 1 - Which Guild Hall shall we choose (and how are we paying for it) 2 - Who is willing to be Guild Scribes to help decorate the base 3 - Getting people back active in the game! 4 - Getting Guild Night back! 5 - (anything else you can think of) This is just a short list of things we can do as a community to really get more prepared for the swiftly upcoming expansion. (Also please tell me if there is more that can be added to this list and such) On another note, Guild Promotion/Allowances. I bring this up because the other day I was in WvW and after a couple hours of taking Supply Camps and such me and a small group took a Tower. I then walked up to claim it for our Guild so that others may bask in the awesomeness that is Mormon Battalion! Upon talking to the guild claiming npc, he told me I don't have permission to do that. I then ask around in the guild and it seems like there are only a few that do. When it comes to promotion as well I feel like no one ever get promoted because we haven't had as many people on as we would all like. There are some of us that are still actively playing that I feel should be given more responsibility as we are the ones that are active and trying to keep the guild alive (because no one wants to be stuck as an esquire all their days). These are just my thoughts and I am possibly very wrong in some of these but communication is always a great thing. Tell me your thoughts and we can see if we can start getting this ball rolling and have those great times just like back in the day with GW1 and all those UWsc runs and such. Thank you, Rhyon Ad Mortem
  2. Boaz

    Returning To Gw2

    Howdy Folks, I'm returning to GW2 and before I invest a lot of time/energy to a new character, I'd like to ask MB a few questions to help me: 1.) Is MB active in Guild Wars 2 still? Active meaning, you raid/dungeon on a regular basis (once a week-ish) 2.) What classes would be most beneficial to the guild for raids/dungeons? I'd like to play a class that would be helpful to the guild. I'm looking at Warrior, Ranger, and Elementalist atm. I like each and have played them past level 10. 3.) Are a lot of MB GW2 players planning to move to another MMO/game soon? I'd hate to level up, only to know that most players are burned out with GW2 and move on to something like Camelot Unchained or some other game in Beta. Very Respectfully, Boaz
  3. Ezrum_BJ


    Ezrom_BJ, Ezrum_BJ, etc Not sure I did a post here on introductions so I figured I would do it again. About me: We had pcs in my house for as long as I can remember. The first pc I remember is a commodore 64 with a green screen. My dad always let us play pc games and we would often rent them for us (yes back in the day we could rent pc games). He was not a fan of game consoles and said many times he would never buy one the closes we got was Nintendo Gameboys. My dad was a pc programmer, and network admin and would often bring home spare computer parts for us to take apart and play with. When I was about 8 years old, I got my first personal computer. However, my dad required that in order to get my own pc I had to learn how to build it myself. So at an early age I started building my own computers. I started with an Intel Pentium (yes the first Pentium) with windows 3.1. As I grew up I became better and better at building pc’s. When I got a job as a paper boy about 12 I was able to start buying some new pc parts instead of using the hand-me-down parts from my dad’s work. I enjoyed playing computer games with my brother. And the pc games we grew up on were C&C, Red Alert, Warcraft, diablo, and StarCraft. Though I was never that good at any of the games (my brother always beat me). The games I enjoyed the most were Warcraft and Diablo (my favorite of those 2 was Diablo). I enjoyed the games not just for playing but for the stories. I loved the story lines (I was never into books that much because of some learning problems I have books were always hard to read), Because books were hard for me to read I think I leaned more toward the pc games and the stories behind them I could play through. I am now happily married (12 years now). I have 3 great kids their ages are 10, 9 and 2. My wife and I decided to take turns going to collage so one of us could be a parent. We put my wife through school first and now I am currently working through school myself. I am working on a bachelors in “Art Visual Communications” with a focus on Illustration. I am a stay at home dad while I am going to school. My wife works full time to support the family and although having one parent not working is hard, and money tight especially now a days. I still find the time to enjoy video games and play when I have the time. I also still love to build computers and have built my wife’s and mine.
  4. More mens are rad

    Cs: Go! Also, Praise Gaben!

    Hello fellow Mormons, I am a fan of PC Gaming! Does anyone play CS GO? Send me a message over steam. My profile is Little Bread. Thanks for any responses! Also: Love one another. Alma 34: 18 - "Yea, cry unto him for mercy; for he is mighty to save." Note: This is our battle cry. Please get a mic before sending me a message.
  5. BrotherHolmes

    Hello There, I'm Scott

    Hello, my name is Scott In GW2 "BrotherHolmes.5941" World: Sanctum Of Rall I have 9 character slots; 1 for each profession and 1 I can delete. Ranger Lv80: Drake Mandel (Male Sylvari) Elementalist Lv72: Brother Holmes (Male Human) Mesmer Lv69: Lyssa Porter (Female Human) Engineer Lv41: Alaina Soulsmith (Female Norn) Necromancer Lv26: David Soulsmith (Male Asuran) Warrior Lv15: Amy Arrowsmith (Female Human) Thief Lv12: Michael Mandel (Male Charr) Guardian Lv5: Adrien Talmage (Male Human RP) I mostly play GW2 with my wife, family, and close friends.
  6. This was supposed to be fixed in the new version of Mumble, but it's been delayed. However I think I have stumbled upon a solution. The current "fix" involves some command line arguments that hides the launcher and ultimately disables the BLTC. This led me to believe that the GW2 launcher causes Mumble the problem ( maybe because Mumble is identifying the wrong executable, I don't know. ) So I tried launching Mumble right after the launcher finished and closed but right before GW2 itself opened. I've been successful two nights in a row now ( Monday and Tuesday. ) I don't know if I'm just getting lucky, like there's some very specific timing required or not, so I'll keep experimenting with this. But in the meantime, why don't others try it and see what they find.
  7. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Ascended Armor

    Does anyone else think this new ascended armor is hideous? Wow, they need to find someone new for armor design because most of it is really bad, medium armor especially.
  8. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Who's In?

    Who's in for the new Dungeon tonight? I'm hoping to be on at 8pm mountain. Sounds like fun and if we can all get a key there's an extra achievement in it for us all =).
  9. So I was thinking about my favorite ones because its getting closer to Halloween and "Shadow of the Mad King" was probably my favorite living story thing. I hope they do something simliar this Halloween I also really liked "Dragon Bash" and "Bazaar of the Four Winds". Those are my favorites but I want to know what everyone elses favorites are! I've probably forgotten about a lot of them
  10. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Achievement Likes & Dislikes

    First of all, how great are the new rewards for the achievements we are already collecting?! I love opening the chests even though I pretty much know what I'll get, feels like a birthday. On the other hand some achievements are difficult to get. i.e. living story in the time frame given, not impossible but it could be difficult for some. My biggest complaint about the whole achievements are...have you seen what you get for your Legendary achievement?! 5 measly points! really? I've been working on this one (not grinding mind you, but still) for months and may turn into a year or more! That 5 should have a few zero's behind it. The rewards have been a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it, in the fact that I pay much more attention to them now and would like to finish up some things I have put off until now. Things such as finishing all paths in each dungeon, explorer and so on. I like checklists I guess. Anyone for a couple dungeon paths tonight? Hopefully ones I need =).
  11. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    July 9 Update!

    There will be many fun things in the update but the one that caught my eye was the new "Account Achievement Reward System" that looks great to me. Retroactive! looking forward to that one for sure.
  12. (LDSG) Robster

    (Ldsg) Robster New To Mob

    Hi everyone i'm Robster from LDS Gamers steam group (LDSG) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LDSGamers . I play Guildwars 2 and battlefield 3 often and many other FPS games. I'm an RM and 23 years old. Steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ldsgrobster Origin Profile name: RobsterMiller Guildwars 2 character name: LDSG Robster
  13. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Pitch In

    I found out last night that Kev went out and bought the Commander all by himself! 100g for our benefit as a guild. I think it would be nice if we could all help out with that don't you think? I'm sure some of you have donated to the cause already...wow I'm sounding like an NPR station. A little gold or rare hammers go a long way =). I'm know Kev would never ask so I thought I would instead. That's all...
  14. gw2stuff.com has a beta overlay for their event timer! It's really cool and works. There are some bugs, of course but it's still much nicer than having to open your browser. http://us.gw2stuff.com/overlay
  15. Jerron Blacksilver

    Trouble in Paradise!

    From the Guild Wars 2 press release: As always, the folks at Dulfy.net have provided a great patch coverage guide, head on over and get to working on those achievements!
  16. thebrazza

    Eu Members?

    Hi all, My name is Jared, I'm thinking of joining up with you guys on Yak's Bend (if that's where you are). I currently play over on an EU server (Gunnar's Hold). I live in England, I'm 30 (almost 31 ) and a father of 2. I play GW2 when I have "free" time and it would be nice to play with people with the same values/believes etc. So my question is, what time zone are most of in and are there any EU guildies?. my only concern about joining up really is the time difference! Anyways, let me know Feel free to add me in game, thebrazza.1679 thanks for looking! cheers, Jared
  17. HI there fellow Mormon GW2 players! I'm a 58 year-old grandma who has enjoyed online MMO gaming since the time such games were only text-based MUDS. I love GW2 and have been playing since beta. I've played Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest 2, Perfect World International, Runes of Magic, a little bit of WoW, Rift, Guild Wars, and now Guild Wars 2. I probably play more than I should (yes I will get my visiting teaching done this month) One thing I have always struggled with is finding a guild I can relate to and not fear being subjected to filthy language in guild chat and/or voice coms. And players who understand what it means when I say I have to take a short break for family scriptures and prayers.That always gets a "huh?" So I started my own guild in GW2, which only consists of myself and my son at the moment and I am finding recruiting to be something I am not very good at. I wish I had googled to find you guys sooner. I created a guild website at cresthaven.enjin.com where I also wrote up a code of conduct for anyone who would join my guild, and if you read it you will see that I have embraced the same code you have at Mormon Batallion with some slight modification in wording. I currently play on Blackgate Server where my son just recently started playing. In order to play with him, I just transfered from Tarnished Coast a few days ago, so it will be a few more days before I can transfer again. I'm sure he would be happy to transfer with me to Yak's Bend when we can. I have another son who has been playing on Tarnished Coast, but who has not been actively playing recently due to family obligations and an affinity for MInecraft. If he does become active at GW2 again, I know he would love to play with a Mormon guild as well. My GW2 account is Sylvrin.4325 and my son is Rage.9618. If you find us accpetable please shoot us an invite to MoB and we'll transfer to Yak's Bend at the earliest opportunity.
  18. designbug

    Hello To The Guild

    Hello, I am related to Max Kudar and Gideon Gildar. I am hoping that I can join the Guild and play with other members. I am recently lvl 80 on one of my chars, now I just need to decide what armor to get. My in game tag is designbug.7163 I do need an invite. Thanks for having me in the Guild and I hope to see you in game. Thank you.
  19. gideongildar

    Hello All

    Hello all, I have been looking for a good family safe guild, and now it looks like I have found it. I played the first guild wars and the expansions. I prefer mostly PvE. My in game tag is GideonGildar.9051 could someone give me an invite? I hope to see you all on. Thanks
  20. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Jug Of Liquid Karma

    From what I've been reading on the wiki, it looks as though the jug of liquid karma may be a permanent addition to the daily. Read this and see if you get the same impression.
  21. Lady Brisinger

    I'm Bris

    Hi, I'm Bris. I play Guild Wars 2 and found your guild the other day. My primary character is an Asuran Engineer named Nevia Brisinger. Thanks for letting me join what appears to be a nice, active, family friendly guild.
  22. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Gw2Cartographers Dot Com

    I happened on this website a couple of weeks ago and have really found it helpful. I found a few others but really think this one is best. One can even edit and add information to help out the other users. Very nice indeed.
  23. Brogen72

    Mumble Issue

    I am used to other voice servers and I am excited to use Mumble but I am not getting the Mumble cert. to allow me to type a password to import the cert. Was I supposed to use my personal email and name to create a cert? I have the correct Mumble address and I have the Mumble password givin me by the MOD's but I can not get connected to the MOB Mumble server. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Brogen
  24. Gicker

    Why So Down On Mesmer?

    Just curious why people are so down on mesmers? I have one, mind you it's a lowbie, but I'm having fun with it. Is it because the damage output is so low? I can see why people might be unenthused about them, seeing how you really don't get to see much effort of how your boons and debuffs affect your enemies and allies really, but I certainly feel like I contribute when I'm in a group, and I like the challenge aspect of combat as a mesmer compared to my warrior who kills everything in like 3 seconds or less, and doesn't really have to run away. Just wondering what experiences people have had with mesmers and at what level, and why you do or don't like them. Gicks
  25. Nate

    Alyria - Journal Entries

    Entry 1 It has been scarcely a month since beginning this journey, yet I feel driven more now than ever before to learn the truth of things. Perhaps finally learning what happened to my parents lit some unseen wick deep in my heart and now I am driven forward by this inner flame with new resolve. I have journeyed through the Shiverpeaks, and only today arrived in what has been called Charr lands for many years now... yet, in these lands also rose the blight upon this land. Ascalon... a grand city, or it once was before Adelbern turned it into a city of endless war. Despite this, I honor these men and women who - in life - rose and stood for what they believed in. Their lives were cut short, their aspirations ended even as the great hammer fell that would reduce them to dust and spirit. I honor their memory, as I do the memory of my parents... may they rest in peace. Kryta is my land, Divinity's Reach my home... yet I still keep with me old journals, left to me by my parents, and their parents before them going back over many generations. 'In honor...' they said, '...of those who defended Ascalon before its fall, who stood with the outcast Prince.' 'In honor of those who came before, our line has borne this same name and will always do so.' I remember mother telling me this, when I was very young. 'Tradition would normally dictate that I take your father's last name, but that is not the case. The first-born will always bear the name Lynishar. I bore it growing up, my mother bore it, her father bore it... and so on, back through the generations to Kylana. There is a reason... one you do not yet know, but in time you will... a reason that runs deeper than honor, deeper than any oath of fealty.' I understand a little more now, having walked where Kylana walked. Perhaps this driving force within me brought me here for a reason... I wish to learn more, but I must return to Divinity's Reach. The Queen needs me. Kylana Journals.txt Deryn Journals.txt Maryn Journals.txt