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  1. Super Crazy Excited for GUILD HALLS!!! Yay!

  2. Excited for Heart of Thorns! Bring it on. :)

  3. I have been at Cook Children's Hospital for 12 hours now ... they are finally admitting my daughter. Please pray for us.

  4. Sommer


    The character that my son created, my Charr Ranger, was also patterned after a name he created for himself. So, if Joseph had had a chance to choose his name then his name would have been --- "Kick Joseph Kick Thompson" He was 4 and 1/2 when we went to a nursing home to sing Christmas Carols to the residents there when he came up with his name. It was in the last room we went into was this old, sweet, man who was an evident sports fan. My son was in awe of this man's room. This old man had Dallas Cowboys football stuff, Dallas Stars hockey stuff, Dallas Mavericks basketball stuff, and Texas Rangers Baseball stuff all his room. This sweet man immediately noticed my son's fascination with his room. He asked Joseph his name ... Joseph's reply was, "Oh, I am Kick Joseph Kick. Nice to meet you." Turns out Joseph is an amazing soccer player ... which we didn't know at the time. When he started playing soccer 6 months later he told his coach he wanted them to call him Kick. I bet his nickname will stay with him. At least, I hope Kick does and not Ra-Rump!!!
  5. Sommer


    Slena ... Lightning Star is a pretty cool name. You should name a character on GW2 that if you haven't yet. If it's taken you could always rearrange the spelling a bit. Your daughter must have a very creative mind. When Kyra suggested Ra-Rump Buff Thompson (still not sure how we would spell that one) she was 3 and a half. I have NO IDEA how she managed to get that one out. LOL
  6. Sommer


    Mushi .... I love that! Your girls chose beautiful names. Did the 6 year old help the younger ones with ideas? How did they come up with those names? I love that story. Christopher has always been one of my favorite boy names. And it's awesome as to how you came up with that from your daughters toddler talk. Too cute. I actually call my kiddos my little monsters. I tell them that not all monsters are mean and scary ... look at Elmo, Grover, and Cookie Monster for example ... there are sweet cute monsters, too, that everyone loves!
  7. Sommer

    Looking For Other Mormons To Play Gw2 With!

    Hahaha .... you just inspired me! Woo hoo!!!! Now I can talk to y'all twice as much!!!!! Mwah ha ha ha
  8. Sommer


    Oh ... when we couldn't think of names for our babies we would ask our older kiddos what names they liked hoping to gather some good ideas. This did NOT work out so well for us. My daughter, who was almost 4 at the time, had a name suggestion for our son. If we had decided to name Joseph (aka Kick Lightning) by Kyra's suggestion .... then this is what my poor boy's name would be ---- Rarump Buff Thompson (actual name instead - Joseph Ryan Thompson the 2nd) We decided being creative and cool and letting our children give us name ideas wasn't all that smart when they are young. I am so glad that my husband wasn't one of those weird parents that would've went ahead and named my son that just to be extra unusual or unique. Thankfully my husband let me name our son after him instead. <3
  9. Sommer


    OK ... I know this is a VERY delayed addition to this thread, but I wanted to put my 2 cents in. My given name at birth - Sommer Dawn Walker (o yes ... I am SO original on naming one of my toons after me!) I have an unusual name that also HAPPENS to be misspelled. But, kudos to my mom on this as she saved me from a name fate that would have been worse. My dad wanted to name me after his aunt ... (and I refrain from saying the name in case it might be the name of someone they love) ... and my mom wanted to save me from this fate as tactfully as she could. Being that my oldest sister's 14th birthday had arrived and my mom and dad were still disagreeing over my name ... my mom had the brilliant idea to let Lauri (my sis) name me instead to solve the disagreement. Lauri wanted Sommer (yes ... spelled with an O but pronounced just like the season.) My middle name (Dawn) is my aunt's name and a common family name on my mom's side. My mom convinced my dad that Sommer Dawn was a prettier name then the alternative. Am I happy and relieved that I have an unusual and misspelled name that almost always gets mispronounced? YES ... because I know what the alternative could be. And, gosh darn it ... I LIKE MY NAME JUST THE WAY IT IS! "I'm good enough. I'm smart enough. And, gosh darn it, people like me!" by Stewart Smalley
  10. Sommer

    Looking For Other Mormons To Play Gw2 With!

    Vayle ... I haven't yet officially said thank you for being so awesome with me in game! Many in our Guild already have heard me moan and complain as they have watched me fall, and fall, and fall, and fall, and hit my head under a beam ... then fall ... and then fall again! I think most know how I really feel about jumping puzzles and how nervous I get when playing with others. You were the first person to help me complete a jumping puzzle ... you were so patient and kind. I love that you are so much like me when gaming on Mumble. You may not blow everyone's ears off like I do .... but it's fun hearing you chat with yourself in game just as I do. I am so glad that I am not alone in my madness. If you happen to find I am in game during another sleepless night ... feel free to ramble in my ear about WvW anytime if you feel like hearing me talk back to the NPC's and make crazy noises as I kill monsters and such ... or as they kill me.
  11. In regards to everyone saying Necro is too dark ... I have to admit I think it's fun having a bunch of bone friends. My kids and I joke about it. As for the Thief ... my kids and I pretend we are like Robin Hood ... stealing the bad guys weapons while protecting the people. (Goofy, I know....but we have fun with it.)
  12. the 3 classes that did not make my list were 1. Engineer .... also not all that into the whole guns and bombs thing - though if I had extra slots I might give it a try 2. Warrior .... played a lot of Warrior in GW and honestly the idea just doesn't thrill me anymore 3. Guardian ... *YAWN* I am seriously digging the other classes and am leveling them up all at the same time until I decide which I prefer the most. So far, I am loving the Ranger and, ironically, that was my least favorite in GW. I am also having fun with Mesmer ... I dig all of the clones, illusions, and phantasms. I haven't played the Thief too much yet though it seems promising. I like Stealth.
  13. funny ... your top choices were mine as well! lol