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  1. Seriphen

    Fashion Runs

    man we ran this one a ton. I'm going to start playing more as well, so hit me up as well and we can do this.
  2. Seriphen

    Civ 5/civ Be

    I've got both of them as well, I don't play much as I don't have a lot of time, but I might join in if I know in advance.
  3. Seriphen


    I love doing Arah, and would like the tokens, but again my time is really variable. Hopefully we could work something out and do them.
  4. Seriphen

    Awesomesauce 2.0

    It's okay Xel, I still enjoy running dungeons with you, and we know to just take it slow on the Cliffside fractal.
  5. Seriphen

    Gw2 - Level 80 - What Now?

    The big thing with GW2 post 80 is setting goals for yourself. The game stops really telling you the next thing you have to do at this point. You can go after Fractal levels like Trav and Moroni mentioned. You can set a goal to go after a specific armor set, or look, which is a huge part of GW2 end game. As you mentioned, alt leveling is also a big thing, I've spent time doing that as well and have 4 80s now, so it isn't a bad thing. You can also look at the different achevements and set goals for them. If you like crossing off lists, you can do the mini-dungeons or jumping puzzles, or work on completing all the dungeons. It gives you a clear defined idea of what you want to accomplish.
  6. Seriphen

    Heart Of Thorns Expansion

    Kev, Dev and I were talking about the release date as well. It does make me a little nervous but Dev stated that it will be playable at PAX East in 6 weeks. Hopefully that is a good sign that it will be out in the next 3 months and not a year from now.
  7. Seriphen

    Heart Of Thorns Expansion

    The new trailer is awesome, and the stream was fun to watch. No release date though, so who knows when this will be out.
  8. Seriphen

    Awesomesauce January 20, 2015

    Sorry, I got on last night all ready to lead in some events and then had to log to deal with kids. I'll try again next week.
  9. Seriphen

    D&d Next/5Th Edition/whatever. Who Wants To Play?

    If you guys are still looking into doing this I would be interested in playing as well.
  10. Seriphen

    Where Are People Now?

    Been busy with work and RL, I've also been playing Diablo 3 and Destiny. I might get on for Halloween, just depends on how I feel, I got real burnt out and wasn't real happy with the direction of the changes ANet has been taking.
  11. Seriphen

    Star Citizen - For You Wing Commander Fans

    The game is supposed to be controller agnostic. People are playing with Mouse/Keyboard, gamepad, joystick, HOTAS, dual joysticks. I personally have a HOTAS setup that I like to play with. Doing Arena Commander, the portion of the game we have access to now, with my joystick and throttle is fun.
  12. Seriphen

    Star Citizen - For You Wing Commander Fans

    Nice, I'll get you added.
  13. Seriphen

    My (In)Activity Lately

  14. Seriphen

    Living World Season 2

    I haven't played the second ep yet, but I have to say I quite enjoyed the first one. Its the first time I've really felt like I was playing a Guild Wars game. The way the story flows and the design just reminded me more of GW1 than anything else. This is being done much better than both season 1 and the personal story.
  15. Seriphen

    Star Citizen - For You Wing Commander Fans

    I've added you jcorn. Nice that you found a big group as well.