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    I'm interested, just lack the time for it. I even got so far as to setting up my Druid for healing.
  2. Kevkelsar

    Hearthstone Cartoon

    Hee hee, so spot on it's sad, really.
  3. Kevkelsar

    Hearthstone Cartoon

    At one time it was the people with every great Legendary card in their decks that made me want to stop playing. Now...it's the ridiculous number of people who sit there and do absolutely nothing until their time is almost up EVERY.SINGLE.TURN.
  4. Kevkelsar

    Hearthstone Cartoon

    I have been encountering more and more people who take FOREVER every single turn...
  5. Kevkelsar

    Guild Hall Update

    3 weeks down, at least 5 to go before I can play again.
  6. Kevkelsar

    Hearthstone Solo Play

    I'm slowly getting them by using in game gold. I enjoy them, but they can be easily cheesed with certain decks. They provide some really good cards as rewards.
  7. Kevkelsar

    Hearthstone Cartoon

  8. Kevkelsar


    As explained in my other post in the family forum, I will not be able to log on for about two months. Have fun!
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    Hearthstone: New Free Hero- Lady Liadrin

    Do they have unique hero powers?
  10. Kevkelsar

    What Should I Expect

    Just enjoy exploring the world. ANet took a lot of time to make a beautiful world to explore...unfortunately the full-steam-ahead-to-max-level-must-rush-through-everything mentality so prevalent these days causes many to miss it all.
  11. Kevkelsar

    Guild Missions

    Awesome, thanks!
  12. Kevkelsar

    Guild Missions

    When I'm on, I'm very interested. When am I on? /sigh, I wish I knew!
  13. Kevkelsar

    Big Changes Coming To Hearthstone In April

    I have a couple decks I really enjoy, like my Shaman Totem/Mech deck. I really like the mech cards so I've been exclusively buying those hoping to get the Boom Legendary some day. The few good decks I have are great for normal play, but in Ranked I just keep running into the same scenario over and over once I get to Rank 20 or 19. Things are going well for me, but a tide-changing Legendary gets played and I cannot recover. Or, I manage to nullify a Legendary (turn it into a frog or something similar), and then out pops another...and then another. But I do understand not all Legendary cards are like that, I just wish I would see more of the less than helpful Legendaries be used against me. I'll look up the Warlock Zoo, I'm not familiar with it.
  14. Kevkelsar

    Big Changes Coming To Hearthstone In April

    I've had a bit more time to play, I've acquired more cards to provide better opportunities, and I've played Ranked quite a bit more. The same results as before. The only times I win are when the opponent is not pulling out a Legendary cards. If one (or two, or three, or four...) comes out, no matter how well I'm doing, it/they completely change the tide of the game and leave me with no way to counter. And I still only have one Legendary, which is the Warlock's.
  15. Kevkelsar

    Big Changes Coming To Hearthstone In April

    Yeah, my experience as a brand new player has been rough. If I want wins, I have to stick to Play to have a chance of getting matched with others like me with the occasional seasoned player with all the good cards. In ranked, I can't break 20. Game after game is against decks with so many powerful Epic and Legendary cards.
  16. Kevkelsar

    Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

    RISE FROM THE DEAD!!! Yeah, I'm so late to this party. I started playing Hearthstone about two weeks ago, fun stuff. Anyway, I have no clue how to look up my battle.net dealio, but I've sent a friend request to Nikkala. I'm still figuring things out, playing around, and becoming marginally successful with a few classes (Hunter and Mage, mostly). I've done some ranked, but to Rank 20, and my first three games since reaching that rank have all been against people who play Epic and Legendary cards over, and over, and over again...which makes it difficult since I have none except the Warlock's Legendary that let's you change your character and summon Infernals. I'm hoping to figure out how to put together a good deck with my favorite class from when I actually playing WoW: Druid. It seems a spell power based deck might be a good way to go.
  17. Kevkelsar

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    I just started playing about two week ago. I'll add you! And now my daughter (11) is getting into it since she doesn't have Pokemon cards like her brothers do.
  18. Kevkelsar

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    For the most part, stress with work has taken over my life. I'm studying to take the Professional Engineer's exam (8 hour test...) in April so that will take up a lot of my time for the next three months. Add on being married, four kids getting more and more involved with things at school, Ward Mission Leader with two sets of missionaries, it's tough to find "spare" time. When I do play, it's generally a bit of GW2 if I know I have a good couple hours to play. If I've only got a few minutes or I'm not sure how much time I'll have, I play Hearthstone or Final Fantasy Record Keeper.
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    I would run my condi Engineer
  20. Kevkelsar

    Guild Hall Progression

    First of all, a HUGE thanks for all who came out to claim the Guild Hall last night, it was a blast having so many of us together! For those who are not familiar with how you enter the Guild Hall, simply hit 'G' to open your Guild Panel, then on the button in the upper right of the Guild Panel to travel immediately to the Guild Hall at any time. For now, it's pretty sparse. We need to get upgrades going before so we can progress the Guild and unlock Scribing. Follow this link for a brief overview of how the upgrades will work out in the beginning: Guild Hall Upgrades It's very easy to check what we need for upgrades. Simply speak to the Guild Treasurer NPC located in the middle of the Guild Hall and he will show you what we already have and what we still need. In addition, many of the future upgrades will require gold, so feel free to donate gold into the Guild Bank, too. For now, to get the Tavern, we really need flax seeds and coarse sand. We have a couple people working hard to make the items that require them (mugs and kegs), so if you have any flax seeds and/or coarse sand you'd be willing to donate, simply place them in the Guild Bank. If you don't have access to donate into the Deep Cave (lowest tier in Guild Bank), please contact an officer and they will promote your rank so you can donate.
  21. Kevkelsar

    Guild Hall Progression

    We just finished our Market, which now opens up the possibility of getting a Guild Hall Decorator NPC. Please check out each individual Proprietor to see what will be needed to get the upgrades you would like to have. Or, if you simply don't care what order we upgrade, check in regularly with the Treasurer to see what materials we need for all upgrades that are available to us at this time. If you have any specific questions don't hesitate to ask. The Guild Hall progression system can be a bit confusing/overwhelming, but many of us have been very involved with the process and are more than willing to help.
  22. Kevkelsar

    Guild Hall Progression

    My goodness...lots of Flax Seeds and Coarse Sand still needed even after getting the Tavern. We have the Mine and our Aetherium storage has been increased, so next will be the Workshop which unlocks Scribes and personal bank access while in the Guild Hall. We need a lot of Linseed Oil, each one requires 20 Flax Seeds.
  23. Kevkelsar

    Lost Permissions

    Hmm, yeah, Jandar will have to look into it. I have not experienced any issues like these.
  24. Kevkelsar

    Guild Hall Progression

    We are done with kegs and need about 23 more glass mugs. Each mug requires 9 coarse sand. You have a chance to get one course sand when you sift through 10 piles of silky sand from Dry Top and the Silverwastes.
  25. Kevkelsar

    Claiming The Mob Guild Hall

    We will be going to claim our Guild Hall on Tuesday, October 27th starting at 8:00 PM. Please feel free to join us if you'd like to participate. Also, please donate gold to the guild bank to help fund the 100 gold cost. At the time of this post, we have about 63 gold saved up.