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  1. Kozak


    MMOs have been pretty crappy the last few years. I was really looking forward to Bless Online just to see it flop on its face. Gave GW2 a shot and I was unexpectedly surprised how much fun GW2 is. It was nice to bump into Seriphen, Capt Moroni and Jeren in WvW last night.... like old times! So seeing if there any other "bless refugees" out there coming back to GW2? Really hoping this second coming for me lasts longer than a week. I did buy HoT and PoF expansions.
  2. Kozak

    Hey Guys!

    Sitting at work and decided to pop in to say hi and see who is active and who is playing what. I am currently a scout master for the local 11 year olds, been doing that for the last year. Now they want me to do 12+ year old. Has been a lot of fun. A lot of learning on my part and a lot of volunteering hours, which I am not used to. I've pretty much given up on GW2 at this point Been playing a lot of 7 days to die game. I think that game spoiled all other games for me now. Hope everyone is well and enjoying life Alex
  3. Kozak

    Everquest Next Landmark - Early Inners?

    I haven't been in for a while, but reading the forums about crafting, it sure reminds me of ArcheAge, which completely turned me off to the game. With every release Landmark's graphics are turning me more off now. But I am not going to make a judgement call until the game is much more stable. Since September I have been in "7Days To Die", can't get enough of this game. That's what Landmark should be. 750 hours spent on this game already.
  4. Kozak

    7 Days To Die (7D2D)

    I picked up a really fun game on Steam called 7 days to die. It's a parody of DayZ and Rust, but more of a Minecraft feel to it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/251570/ Until October 13th, it's $16 for a single client or $26 for two (33% off). It's in alpha (like Minecraft used to be) so things are added slowly. It's server based. It's a horror survival sandbox game, pretty much Minecraft but much harder and better graphics. I can post my server IP if anyone picks it up. PS: I know my reputation for games longevity is not so great, but it's a pretty decent game that can be played Single player or multi.
  5. Kozak


    Sadly you are right, AA was a good attempt, but not enough to make a difference. I've picked up 7 Days to Die on Steam for $26 (for two copies, one is $16). So far it really is Minecraft for adults and picked my interest. If anyone is in need of a good time waster, check it out.
  6. Kozak


    Well I got to lvl 50 (on Salphina server) a week ago and started the grind for Hasla weapons. Originally I tried for Weaponsmithing, but the grind for Sunlight Dust/Shard/Crystals is HORRIBLY expensive. I couldn't continue it, so tried for Hasla camping. It was bad. Horrible implementation of the end game weapons. Got very discouraged about the game. Lack of land availability (even though I do have a large and small farm in Dewstone) is very silly in this type of game, which promotes the land ownership. I am not as excited logging in to the game as I was originally. I felt like I was playing a single player game most of the time. The straight forward questing grind is mindless and very repetitive, I missed the GW approach to open quest and resource nodes. Dale, I do agree about the language. I joined a guild and in a few days, I couldn't let my son join mumble with them due to language. Not sure why 30-40 something have to use such bad language online, even with women in the mumble. I am glad you guys are enjoying the game! My ADHD kicked in and I doubt I will renew my Patron status once it expires. Even though I do have a prime location in Dewstone with my farms.
  7. Kozak


    I have a lvl30 Blighter on Salphira, I added you, but looks like you are on the bad side! I am a Nuian
  8. Kozak

    Everquest Next Landmark - Early Inners?

    Two minutes of fame goes a long way! Very cool Dale, I love your pvp arena
  9. Kozak

    Everquest Next Landmark - Early Inners?

    No wonder Max didn't get anything from the two chests we opened
  10. Kozak

    Everquest Next Landmark - Early Inners?

    What was the problem with chests?
  11. Kozak

    Everquest Next Landmark - Early Inners?

    Ya, guilty as charged. I logged in during the day on Saturday to up my payment and logged off. I've been playing outside a lot this weekend, weather is too nice! Was hanging out at Trailside by you Dale, that's a fun bike park! With the announcement of ArcheAge early release, I am very tempted in dumping some cash on Head Start. EQNL is moving too slow for my liking and my ADHD to keep up with.
  12. Kozak

    Everquest Next Landmark - Early Inners?

    Roontek, our settlements are all around the portal, pretty much all the East, South East and South are ours.
  13. Kozak

    Everquest Next Landmark - Early Inners?

    What's the trick? I found a chest last night right under your property, Dale. After that Max went into the same cave and no chest, so I assume chests aren't instanced? First come first serve principal? Is everyone going to be on tonight for the big patch?
  14. Kozak


    Ya Mike, to get the old GW2 pvp gang together would be awesome! I haven't been reading any quests, just clicking through fast for now, not to spoil the story and such.
  15. Kozak


    Just the way I play dude, I burn myself out on most games. I play hard at first and then move on on the greener pastures..... hey I am still with MoB so give me a break! lol