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  1. Brogen72

    Mumble Issue

    I think I got it. I figured out I was using a different spelling for batallion/battalion, my bad...
  2. Brogen72

    Mumble Issue

    I am used to other voice servers and I am excited to use Mumble but I am not getting the Mumble cert. to allow me to type a password to import the cert. Was I supposed to use my personal email and name to create a cert? I have the correct Mumble address and I have the Mumble password givin me by the MOD's but I can not get connected to the MOB Mumble server. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Brogen
  3. Brogen72

    Gw2 - Basic Guild Questions

    Appreciate the feedback, thanks guys I will check out that thread right now.
  4. Brogen72

    Gw2 - Basic Guild Questions

    OK great. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Brogen72

    Gw2 - Basic Guild Questions

    Hey guys, Sorry for the basic questions here but I've never been this involved with an MMO so long before launch like I have for GW2. Can someone please explain how the GW2guilds.org site is supposed to work? Can we register/join multiple guilds prior to the game form the site? I tried to register for another guild but couldn't because it said my email address was already in use. Then I discovered there was an LDS guild which is great so for how this all is going to work in GW2 I could use some help here. What do I need to do to be ready with to enjoy the MoB guild at launch? Is Mumble the voice program I need? Thanks!!
  6. Brogen72

    Computer Specs And Optimization Gw2

    I recently switched to Nvidia after being a long time AMD fan but the EVGA 560Ti has been really good to me. In case anyone was looking for a great mid-range card.