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  1. Roontek


    Kozak, good to have you back around these parts! As you may have noticed, the MoB guild isn't as active as it once was. However, there are still a core group that play/log in regularly. The new expansion content is good, especially Path of Fire. Raids are an interesting addition to the end game. We were starting our group composition, unfortunately, we never gained the traction for a consistent 10 man group. If you're interested, let me know, I'd personally like to get back into raiding more often with a core group of people, PUGs Raid groups are brutal in this game.
  2. Roontek

    Newbie Alert!

    Welcome! What game(s) do you currently play? Please ensure you get in on the Discord server!
  3. Roontek

    Monster Hunter World

    Been playing MoHon since the PSP days. I'll be playing as well, however I will wait for the PC version since I do not have a PS4 or XboneOne and don't plan on getting a 4 year + old system just to play it. Good thing there is cross platform play.
  4. Roontek


    Team, As we prepare to tackle raiding content, please be aware of the following: Ensure the character you wish to play is built based on current meta options Please note, this does not mean that you must have the meta build or else you cannot raid. Use the following links as a starting point to building your character appropriately. Use this forum as a talking point on build selection. Metabattle Quantify Ensure that you have studied up on the boss fight mechanics, below is a link to get you started. Remember people... the more you know... Dulfy Ensure that you have access to Discord. The Humble Mumble server has been discontinued for the new hawtness that is Discord. Link to join (never expires) I'm sure that I am not alone when I say that it takes effort from all parties involved to make large group content a success. I will say that from my research, Guild Wars 2's raiding content is bare bones compared to other MMO's (this is based on the fact that 5 man groups have completed the raid content). As a partaker of several iterations of raiding over the past 15 years (man I'm getting old...) this is not my first rodeo. That said, I want to ensure that all involved are having a good time, that's why we play. By introspectively reviewing the points above and taking consideration in proper application, I believe we can conquer raid content in Guild Wars 2 and have a blast doing so. Please note, SSJ DMAN (a.k.a. Devin) and myself (Ryan) have headed up the more difficult roles of raiding (aggro specialist, a.k.a. "Tank" and raid support, a.k.a. "Healer"). At this time, consider classes that provide options for condition damage and raw power/precision/ferocity builds (berserker). Please reach out here or the Discord chat with any questions moving forward. You can catch the regular Guild Wars 2'ers on Discord, generally on a nightly basis. Please join in the conversation in one of the voice channels. Stay classy, MOB. -Roontek
  5. Roontek

    Low End Box Game Suggestions

    Yeah, Stardew is about the only modernly new game that will run on a low end graphics card. Those Core 2 Duo CPU's aren't that terrible for most games. For the specs you have, Baulders Gate I&II Enhanced Edition is always a fun multiplayer choice.
  6. Roontek

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    Work is averaging 50-55 hours a week. We recently moved to our new house and have been busy settling in. Just called as Scoutmaster and 2nd Counselor in the young men's presidency in our new ward and expecting baby number 3! You can catch me in GW2 from time to time, really only doing fractals, PvP has lost its touch in that game, especially sPvP. I also play ESO here and there and been sinking a good chunk of time in Diablo 3 (season 5 ladder).
  7. Roontek

    Fashion Runs

    HAHA! I was the master of running this dungeon back around launch. Back when you could glitch all three paths at the same time. Either way, catch me when I'm on and we can run all 3.
  8. Roontek

    Zephyrus/house Solidor

    Welcome, its been good to chat with you on Mumble. -Roontek
  9. Roontek


    I'm ready to go, Tank/Support Guardian or Healing Druid. Let's get a day/time setup and coordinate in game and try it out. Dulfy has the first set of strats already on the website.
  10. Roontek

    [Video] Guild Hall Mission

    Guildies! Here is the link to the promised video covering our epic Guild Hall Mission! For those that weren't able to attend, I was on mumble directing the Red team. My comms were not synced with the video and are missing, everything else is present including mumble chatter. Overall, my impression of the Guild Hall claiming were positive. The content wasn't overly hard (minus the large boss with the axe). Shout out to all those that rocked this large content fight. Here's to hoping our guild can challenge Raids in the near future! Happy hunting! -Roontek
  11. Roontek

    Claiming The Mob Guild Hall

    Make sure we cater to the EST folks as best as possible!
  12. Roontek

    First Time Builder

    I'd consider the X99 platform with a 5820K 6 core / 12 thread CPU, reasons? Higher bandwidth PCIe lanes, you can run two GPU's at x16:x16 instead of x16:x8 Greater capability for heavy multi task jobs, video/photo rendering, streaming, VM Machines, etc... Within $20 of the 6700K Greater investment buy for the long haul, even after Pascal and Greenlake launch next year. I've never been a big fan of EVGA motherboards, most of them I've seen come in dead or have persisting issues. I'd switch it out for a high end Asus board. Consider an M.2 SSD instead of a SATA III device, better read/write speeds, running through PCIe lanes. I'd also go with 500GB if you play several games. I use a 256GB SSD and I'm getting close to max and I only have a few games installed. Could spend less on higher frequency RAM and buy 2400 and overclock them to 3000+ MHz. Either way you look at it, with what you're spending, you'll have a rig that will blow away most modern games @1080p.
  13. Roontek

    Slowly Pulling My Life Together

    That we did! Hope to see you back in action soon.
  14. Roontek

    Rank 80 And 20,000 Achievement Points

    The real question is... How much has your sPvP skill improved? Not to diminish the accomplishment, however its simply a matter of farming sPvP matches in un-ranked play to get to 80 or like you mentioned, group with others in ranked play for more points. Either way the rank != improved PvP player. So, has your skill and ability increased significantly?
  15. Roontek

    Tera Rising

    I'm checking this game out now that it is F2P. Lemme know if any of you are still interested in trying it out.