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    pleasant grove utah
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    linux, opensource, gaming, model trains and any scifi.
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    My father was a military man and i was born in japan and moved all over. I settled down in Utah and got married and have 3 wonderful kids.
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    Application System Engineer (ACE)
  1. viddect

    Hello Gamers

    for work i support all flavors of linux in the last 10 years from solars to aix for personal i love what ubuntu has done for linux.
  2. viddect

    Hello Gamers

    i am thinking doing range. i didnt get a change to try the ranger so i might go with a ranger or engineer?
  3. viddect

    Hello Gamers

    I am going to play guild wars 2. I was pointed to this site by a few of my fellow guild wars players and members of the church. I am a big fan of the game and have loved the weekend betas. I am a big linux guy, outside of gaming i spend my time playing with linux and all its greatness. viddect The Linux Man