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  1. ArenaNet is seriously so fantasmagorical. Only a game as epic as GW2 could be made by people like this. Thanks for sharing. I read the whole AMA Q&A session on GW2 Guru (as I can't use Reddit, due to my lack of knowledge on how to use that..thing. --it's like rocket science for me. D:) it took me forever, but it was amazing to see the Dev's being so close to the community.
  2. I can see where you're coming from, the last series will always have a special place in all Avatar fans. But.. man, I have to admit, this one has definitely been more hyped as far as expressions. I mean.... after watching this and all. LOL. >>I am also curious to see what's up with Aang and the visions Korra keeps seeing... *mysterious* ..>_>....
  3. The Alaska Anchorage Mission. rofl.
  4. I feel you. I feel so pathetic sometimes... :X ..but I love it in a sad confusing unsure why way. I almost went into overload after the beta. So many vids, screenshots and articles to read. I'm still waiting for guild info however. T_T Seeing the Asura and Sylvari intro stories would be nice too. Oh and the Crystal Desert info. While we're at it, I would love to see more on Cantha, Elona and that area north of Kryta as well as getting more info on airships an if we can have battles on them. Oh! I wonder too what the underworld and the mists will look like and if we will ever get to see the six gods and associate with them...oh and when is that release date!? must.....keep....refreshing....the...guild wars 2....webpage.... ...
  5. What in the world? That is gross. It's beyond me why people do these things to others. I am so sorry Striker. The fact that they managed to do it three times in a row is also disturbing. This could be a total fib and truthproof, but I heard that GW2 might have a key (flashdrive) option where you need to have a GW2-flashdrive in your pc with a GW2 unique passcode in order to log in. Without it, you can't do squat. But, I'm not quite sure one will do if they lost the flashdrive. I wish there was a securer way to keep your accounts safe without having to do retinal, thumb scanning and breath testing. . Hope it never gets to that.
  6. Man, I'm back from my mission and everything, and I'm still super hyped about these series! I have watched all of the ones out so far and loving it. I mean.. take a look at my avatar. It's the simple things in life that make it a good one. ;D
  7. Heey Ree! -A Whovian! No, I want to be though! I love British films Hm, I should start watching it. But dang. That is aloooot of episodes to catch up on. -Tennant looks pretty lagit. \o/ To be honest I did start GW because of GW2, but I have always wanted to play GW even before GW2 was even announced by ANet. It just took me forever, being in middle school at the time and all. I played it really for the lore, but the HoM is huge part of it now... cause those in-game goodies are pretty sparkling cool! I did manage just the other day though to get two weapons put in my HoM, so I'm up to 12/30, and tomorrow is my characters birthday or what-not, and If my connections serve me well, they tell me I will get a mini tomorrow. *happy dance* Dang! Thank you all for your help! I don't want to be a burden on anyone, but mann. The help is much appreciated! All of you..this is the epitome of awesomeness! I dunno if I'm worthy!
  8. Welcome Welcome! As I'm sure you have noticed, the people here are studmuffins and studmuffinettes? from Heaven! (I realize you joined before I did, but HEY all the same!) I also served Spanish speaking. Got back 3 weeks ago!
  9. Aw shucks! Thank you all so much once again! I find it even more super cool that this guild is spread out among other games. I added those that I knew into my friends list on GW. But nobody was on. But that's partially my fault! I totally forgot to even mention my GW in-game name! *facepalm* My name in-game as Kelton Akers. Plain, but w/e. Hope to see you soon! Thanks again for everything everyone!! -oh, fun fact, Kelton Akers turns 1 in two days! (June 1) yay!
  10. Aw man, thank you all so much! Very welcoming indeed. This is just beyond fantastic, I am literally doing little half wobble type jump things in my chair because I'm so stoked. I currently only have 10 points in the HOM, and just started with Winds of Change, but hopefully I can get most of that wrapped up here in the next month. Talk to you all here on the forums, in-game, and elsewhere!
  11. Nope. I really do love my GW name, but It's time for a change. However, Archduke is normally always in there somewhere. ^^
  12. That is so cool! Perfect history lesson on my part. Winnipeg huh? Fantastic! Man, I wish I was around on GW during 2005. Sounds like you all have good memories. Awesome. Can not wait until Guild Wars 2!
  13. Aw man! The Warrior! Nothing better than bashing pure metal into your enemies face! I love the armor Warriors have access too as well.
  14. Yep! That and that I am super stoked to find a mormon gaming community that is as equally stoked as I am about Guild Wars and the upcoming fantastic Guild Wars 2 that makes me want to flip out in a nerdgasm every time I see it's logo. I am active on Guild Wars as a Ranger currently in the guild "Return to Outpost" I can not wait to get to know you all better. I have always looked for a guild with high standards and values that met mine. I always wanted to play alongside other Mormons as well. This will be LAGIT! Super stoked, love you all already, this will be fun! Oh, and wellzz being new and all...I'm a little.../shy..Other than that... it is very nice to meet you all!! YEAH!