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  1. I want to love the mesmer class. It's a great idea! I just can't seem to accomplish anything with it. Maybe I'm just inept...
  2. Is there anything or anybody I should look for when I log on tomorrow? This will be my first beta.
  3. Hi guys, this is Ben. I've been playing with the WoW Horde Guild as Algron for a while now and am trying to get more active in the forums . I have really enjoyed being a part of this community so far. It's me and my wife here with our wonderful little 2 year old son. I've got a degree in Computer Science from Weber State and my brother and I run a small business up here in which I spend most of my time writing PHP/MySQL programs However, I do occasionally help with building automated machines using technologies such as the BASIC Stamp and Arduino. We really enjoy it. Thanks again
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