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  1. Xeledorne

    What's The Activity Level Like?

    And I can vouch for Trav. He knows the game. Feel free to shoot me a msg or something if you want to run around maps with your alts too if I am on. Kinda hard nowadays but all this talk of raiding has gotten me excited to play again.
  2. Xeledorne


    Don't mind the guidance as well, but I would not want to be liability in a raid. Not raid ready by any means, but even though I'm not the best at the whole jumping puzzle thing, I'm not a bad mesmer. Those links will certainly help with the gearing..as I tend to play a condi mesmer. Still, I am excited that the guild is finally tackling raids. I still have to clear all the other end game maps...barely started on Bloodstone fen (the whole vertical thing of the expansion is throwing in for a loop). BUT - I do enjoy the game. Wouldn't mind doing the end game maps with guildies and some 5 man dungeon whenever anyone is running it. So stoked though! Let's do this! I'm going to work hard to get geared....I just hope someone who played WoW with me and raided me can vouch that I'm not a total noob
  3. Xeledorne


    Yes please, GW2 Raid. Use to raid...in WoW. Being tempted sorely by a good buddy of mine to play it again...I am reluctant to. Please tell me this is going to happen.....as I don't want to go back to paying month by month. May still play it, but GW2 is my home now. Um..in that regards....does our guild raid team have room for a clumsy mesmer?
  4. Xeledorne

    Anyone Playing Legion That Doesn't Have A Home?

    Hmmm...a buddy of mine is trying to convince me to come back and play WoW. I downloaded the game again and played a low level toon to see who was around in either Veknilash or Kaelthas. I was shocked to see that no only is my tabard grey (no design)...but I saw no one from the old Latter Deis Sanctus guild. So...where did everyone go? And Shrimp - you all still in Hyjal? Last time I played was the Deathwing expansion. I left from there but I do have a leveled mage at 85. Don't mind relearning everything but I will have to transfer him (and probably any other high level toon I have in Kael'thas) to wherever the MoB affliated Horde guild is. My buddy play alliance so my Veknilash group of toons will go there. Have not made any final decision yet....but if what my buddy said is correct about this expansion, it may make me decide to split my gaming time between WoW & GW2.
  5. Xeledorne

    Guild Wars 2 Guild . . . Dying?

    I went to visit a few weeks ago and hardly anyone was on. Maybe my timing was off? But I would really like to see the guild alive and kicking like it use to. A friend of mine is trying to convince me back to playing WoW......and I may cave in. But after seeing the graphics....I had second thoughts. Not pretty enough. But it's kinda lonely trying to get through the end game areas without dying again and again (and all those heights...ugh). So, hope to see many of you all back in game! I may still play and invest back in WoW...but I will still play GW2. Excited to try out the raid content
  6. Xeledorne

    Hello! I Am Back! :)

    Which mission in the Philippines? I served there as well - a long time ago.
  7. Xeledorne

    Hello To All

    What games do you play, dragoon?
  8. Xeledorne

    Intro: Atomic Paperclip

    Acck I know I have a steam account name somewhere...I'll post it later. Welcome to the guild!
  9. Xeledorne

    Well Hello There

    Aidan is a familiar name in Guild Wars 1. WB! Just got back into the game myself.
  10. Xeledorne

    Hello There, I'm Scott

    It was nice running around with you at Dry Top Scott. Now you see why I am the guild klutz when it comes to heights and jumping, in that order.
  11. Xeledorne

    Awesomesauce 2.0

    Yay! Good to know this is still going on! Got me a new computer - should be able to keep up with you guys now. Except maybe when it involves jumping, heights, and jumping puzzles. Still no good at those.
  12. Xeledorne

    Guild Wars 2 Guild . . . Dying?

    Time is the problem for me - and I think I am still burned out by the whole Scarlet story arc. I dunno. But real life being as it is, I rarely have time to play ANY game, let alone GW2. If I do ended up with any, it's mostly games that I won't have to wait for people to show up i.e Diablo 3 or Torchlight 2 (which is essentially the same game as D3) on Steam. I just saw a new patch - might need to get into the story more. We shall see. In any case if anything, miss the people, not so much the game.
  13. Xeledorne

    Final Fantasy Xiv Group Night

    Ohhh! A Final Fantasy guild! FF 11 was my first MMO. Is 14 better? Also..forgive the question - it is still a paid base game, right?
  14. Xeledorne

    New Horde Guild Leadership

    So Sam stayed to play more WoW? And Einar stopped playing? Hmmm. Can't lie - I miss my flying mounts. Not sure if I want to fork out $$ to play an MMO anymore but it's kinda comforting to know people I use to raid with are still around! Heck, even I haven't changed my pic of my BElf Mage ;P
  15. Xeledorne

    Cancelling Wow

    Eldryth has been in WoW forever. Nice to see some old faces still raiding here. Me? Well, I have been playing any MMO for awhile now. But I do like to hop on here from time to time to see who is playing. Curtis...which character does he play again? I didn't know he was bishop!