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  1. Ordin

    Swtor: Dark Vs. Light Event

    Can anyone invite my gunslinger Ethan Cole??? thanks
  2. So, if I buy this through Origin, will I get a code that I use on my actual swtor account?
  3. I hope it runs until Jan first, I cant see re-subbing until then. Unless a sub goes by the amount of days played and not the calendar month.
  4. Ordin


    Well Im sorry to say it everyone, but I hit a brick wall with GW2 the other day, so I probably wont be raiding. I love gliding in the maps, but the events in those areas are like watching paint dry and are too under rewarding to me. I feel like the direction that the game is heading is not what I was a GW fan for. Hopefully the next release will have better maps.
  5. Ordin

    Current Ftp Restrictions?

    ty for the replies
  6. Have they changed any of them in the last year or so? I mainly dislike the lower xp restriction and the gold in wallet restriction. Once I get my new hard drive Ill be able to load SWTOR on my pc again.
  7. Ordin


    Thats the question of the day. My wife said that she could fill a spot in an emergency, but she has never raided before. At least she is in full exotic. Hopefully it wont come to that.
  8. Ordin


    So are we on for tonight?
  9. Ordin

    Is This Game Doing Well And Pvp Fun?

    I dont PVP much, but PVE is pretty fun. If I were you I would just enjoy the core game as a Free player until I had a few classes up to 80 and maybe a 100% map complete.
  10. Ordin


    I can go most Fridays. Ill def start out playing dps. I have read good things about reaper and herald, so Ill bring one of those.
  11. Ordin


    I haven't heard much talk of raiding since it was released in game and I was wondering if the guild has started a game plan? I dont expect to be on the team that goes in and tests and hammers down the guilds raid strategy, but I would like to get in there eventually. Perhaps people can use this topic to state their interest and what classes they would like to raid with. I will begin first of all by stating that I was an active raider in Lord of the Rings Online and successfully finished The RIft, The Vile Maw, and Dar Narbagad on several occasions each. Classes that I would be comfortable raiding with - in order of most comfort- include DPS Reaper, DPS Herald (full ascended), Chronomancer, Condi Engineer, Condi ranger (perhaps druid if needed). In reality, the only class that I would'nt want to bring is Thief, because its fun to play but Im too smooshy on one.
  12. Ordin

    64Bit Client

  13. Ordin

    Thank You!

    So was this spur of the moment get together thing or does the guild have a set time for these activities now? Im on the E coast too but would love to participate if they are done when I can be online.
  14. Ordin

    Hot Beta Weekend 2

    I found Reaper to be the most fun and will probably take my necro through HoT first. I liked Rev too. Im torn between leveling one slowly or just using tomes to get to 80. It seems like they have so many skills at their disposal that I may get overwhelmed trying to master them all while trying to stay alive in the newer areas.
  15. Ordin