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  1. Luregas

    What's The Activity Level Like?

    Seems like the interest in the game has died down a bunch. I know the main reason I don't play much anymore is a bit more personal (taking care of wife and kid, which kind of limits ALL gaming time), yet without that I'm not sure I'd be playing much anyway due to how much the expansion segregated the playerbase. It feels like that sort of fractured the community a bunch, just in the simple fact that any pay wall can do that to an online game.
  2. Luregas

    Guild Missions

    Only thing I can really think of is editing the Message of the Day.
  3. Luregas

    Guild Missions

    Is there a way we can keep track of planned guild missions better? Haven't been able to find times for these.
  4. Luregas

    Guild Hall Progression

    Since I noticed some rather bizarre requirements for some of the later upgrades, thought I'd point one out in particular. There are many upgrades that require EXOTIC Essences of Luck. I've provided a list of the upgrades requiring these, as well as the amounts thereof, below (acquired from http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Essence_of_Luck_(exotic)): Further Exploration 777 Guild Enhancement: Magic Find 100 Objective Aura 1: Magic Find 77 Scribing: Guild Gold and Magic Find Banner 77 Scribing: Guild Heroes Banner 77 Scribing: Guild Magic Find Banner 77 As a reminder, essences of luck can be refined from lower tiers into higher tiers by Artificers (this can actually be done at rank 1 Artificer, all the way to exotic!). Something to plan ahead for, since acquiring that much exotic essence can take quite a long time...
  5. Luregas

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    By the way, does anyone know if guild halls will be accessible by those that haven't upgraded to HoT? I imagine not all of the features will be available, but I'd hope at least the physical location is.
  6. Luregas

    Third Year Birthday Gifts

    Downside is I'll have to crawl through dye lists to remember which ones go with which pack. Well, guess that's what the Wiki is for. Todays update also added the Wedding Attire outfit to the gem store, which is a pretty unique concept as it varies visually on both a per-race and per-gender basis. Kind of a nice touch. Admittedly, the designs range from stylish to "what the blargh are you wearing?"
  7. Luregas

    Rank 80 And 20,000 Achievement Points

    It doesn't help that I haven't set foot in sPvP, haven't been playing the game much anymore (I now log in to farm my home instance nodes and sell some craftables), had a stomach scope opperation today, and that I'm an inconsiderate jerk (I forgot to wish my home teaching family happy birthday). But grats.
  8. "My eyes! The goggles do nothing!"
  9. Luregas

    Awesomesauce - April 14Th, 2015

    May want to check what "Tuesday" covers. It's a valid concern, considering we're talking about a game that resets at GMT, which means a potential reset at 6PM.
  10. Luregas

    Awesomesauce - March 31, 2015

    Ack! I need to start setting a reminder for these things!
  11. I did recently confirm that the 10G cap still exists for lapsed accounts. Thus, the only way to make use of the WoW token is to have a current subscription... or have a level 20 or lower character that was LOADED with gold BEFORE the subscription lapsed. Or hope they remove the money cap for lapsed accounts when WoW Token comes out.
  12. Okay, here's the million dollar (or gold?) question: do lapsed accounts have no money restriction? Last time I checked, Starter Accounts had a 10G per character cap, and the recent ability to play on lapsed accounts doesn't allow access to characters above level 20, so I'm not sure how this'll work without requiring an initial subscription investment.
  13. Luregas

    For Those Who Recently Unsubbed

    By the way, this patch is now live, and yes, the free-trial status works (characters above lvl 20 are locked, so you have to use/create one below that level). Apparently one of the few perks that unsubbed accounts have over stand-alone starter accounts is the ability to join a guild that one of there account characters is currently a member of. Do I still have to be online to accept guild invites, or no? And I've heard that Blizzard has been "considering" having alternative methods of paying for a subscription (think EVE Online's PLEX system). May I request that if such a thing gets added to the game that it be loudly proclaimed on these forums?
  14. Luregas


    I would like to do this as well... but the wife aggro is unpredictable in my house. Occasionally it's calm, but most of the time it's a stream of random fetch quests. I think I've set foot in a dungeon ONCE in the past year.
  15. Luregas


    You can currently... With an item that's a fairly rare drop in Metrica Province. I actually have one on one of my characters. Never got around to using it, since the last time I used the item we failed the defense event (yes, it's a consumable).