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  1. Lady Gwen


    And I'm on, everyone don't faint.
  2. Lady Gwen

    [Video] Guild Hall Mission

    Made me very sad to have missed this! You guys are awesome!
  3. Lady Gwen

    Strike Up The Call!

    Hey guys! Long time no chat! I'm planning to run my ele through the story of HoT on Saturday the 31st, through the Tuesday the 3rd of November. I've got a couple of days off in a row, so this is my goal. I want to push her way through it as quickly as I can. I'm hoping we can get some guildies together to do this, as I think it would be a lot of fun to be with you guys, and we can help each other!! If you see me on in that time ping me up and join me! Please!
  4. Lady Gwen


    Hey Tearston! It's been great to see you in game! Look forward to hanging with you in game!
  5. Lady Gwen

    And I'm....... Moving Out

    Good Luck Peaches! Moving isn't an easy task, but you will tackle it with awesomeness! I'll miss ya bro!
  6. Lady Gwen

    Fractal Lvl 50

    8 mountain works for me as well
  7. Lady Gwen

    Fractal Lvl 50

    I need two more pristine relics, so let me know when you're going a party.
  8. I am, but I play gw2, and even with that I haven't been on much lately.
  9. Lady Gwen

    My Dad . . . Heart Attack :(

    Peaches, you and your father are in our thoughts and prayers. The lord will watch over you two, and keep you in his arms.
  10. Lady Gwen

    September 2014 Feature Pack

    I'm with ya Kev. I haven't been on in the last little while, but then again I've been working on my writing, when I don't have to take care of my puppy, getting in an accident, and what not. Silly real life!
  11. Lady Gwen

    Official Two Year Anniversary

    I wasn't happy with the birthday gifts... I thought it was kind of lame.
  12. Lady Gwen

    Fractal Lvl 50

    I would love to get where you're at Dev. So if you see me on, let's get one started!
  13. Lady Gwen

    How To Invite To Guild?

    Yes, thank you Jerron, that guy was very inconsiderate.
  14. Lady Gwen

    They Were Doing So Well...

    yes, keep in mind that it's only part one. However I did feel like they left a lot out and kind of rushed us through some of it. Part 2 had better be something awesome if they want to keep up with what they've done so far with the other eps. Honestly I was hoping for more, but I enjoyed what we got. I guess I went into it knowing it was part one and didn't expect too much from this one, my hopes are riding on part 2.
  15. Lady Gwen

    My (In)Activity Lately

    Yay! Congrats!