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  1. It is currently 1:56 am in my time zone and I just made a new character on LOTRO on that one server that starts with an "E" that everyone seems to play on, whilst taking a break from writting an essay for my college application.


    My essay is on Forrest Gump in case you were wondering.


    What are you doing at a ridiculous hour?



    A Fellow Insomniac

  2. Well hello there!


    This is really exciting. Anywayyys...


    I just started playing LOTRO and its basically fantastic. Haha! WOW was fun but now I can play for free which makes everything better. :P I found this place thanks to the awesome powers of google. What would we do without google?!


    Right now I have a Level 14 Elf Guardian on the Gladden server but from what I have been reading that one that starts with an "E" is the place to be. So, I will very shortly be creating a character there. Haha!


    I am excited that I will have other people to play with! And they will be good people too. Yay! :)



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