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    Vocal Jazz, Mumford & Sons, School, Learning, Out Doorsy Stuff, Music, LOTRO, Reading, Navy-Military, Facebook, Church.
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    I've been able to unwillingly belch like a truck driver since I came out of the womb. I am addicted to chocolate milk. I sing Jazz. I want to be in the Navy. I laugh... a lot.
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    I am using good old Internet explorer.
  2. MFritzley

    Still Awake When You Should Be Sleeping...

    Today I am getting to sleep at 4:30 am just in case you were wondering... Not that any of you are. This is what time I usually wake up for school. However, I was actually being very productive tonight unlike last night. Hahaha! Okay... Goodnight. Or goodmorning, however you want to look at it.
  3. MFritzley


    I think it is my computer. It says done, but with errors on page. I'll just try using another computer and see if that works.
  4. MFritzley

    Funeral Potatoes

    Hahaha! Oh my goodness. I dont think I have ever made them for an actual funeral. But I have discovered that they always taste better the second day.
  5. MFritzley

    Funeral Potatoes

    I'm surprised there isn't already a thread for our well known funeral potatoes! Haha! I wanna know what tricks and twists you guys have to make your funeral potatoes extra special.
  6. MFritzley


    I would like to have a personal signature but I am unable to... well its just not working. Haha. Its says edit signature but it won't let me do anything.
  7. It is currently 1:56 am in my time zone and I just made a new character on LOTRO on that one server that starts with an "E" that everyone seems to play on, whilst taking a break from writting an essay for my college application. My essay is on Forrest Gump in case you were wondering. What are you doing at a ridiculous hour? Sincerely, A Fellow Insomniac
  8. Well hello there! This is really exciting. Anywayyys... I just started playing LOTRO and its basically fantastic. Haha! WOW was fun but now I can play for free which makes everything better. I found this place thanks to the awesome powers of google. What would we do without google?! Right now I have a Level 14 Elf Guardian on the Gladden server but from what I have been reading that one that starts with an "E" is the place to be. So, I will very shortly be creating a character there. Haha! I am excited that I will have other people to play with! And they will be good people too. Yay! <3