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  1. Lego

    Horde Activity?

    Azeroth Choppers is awesome! Both bike are going to look great. To bad only one will be in game :/
  2. Lego

    Horde Guild Name Change

    Add me. Real ID - Brad#1495 im not on the same server but that shouldn't matter now.
  3. Lego

    Wildstar Open Beta

    So open beta started today. I really like the game so far. Send me a message on G+ or gmail if your going to play. brad.allen1990@gmail.com
  4. Going to try Wildstar tomorrow!

  5. Lego


    I guess it does start tomorrow. Open beta keys will be given then.
  6. Lego


    So a friend of mine said there is going to be an open beta for this game like the 8th-18th?! We will be playing if there is. But i can seem to find where to download the game or really anything about it.
  7. Lego

    Double Xp Weekend

    I'll see if my friend wants to use it.
  8. My phone was being stupid so I kept hitting post..
  9. Anyone playing on the sith side ATM?
  10. Lego

    Favorite Lds Musical Artists?

    I went to Michael Ballams home for Pre-School. It has an elevator and is light pink.
  11. Lego

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I will be playing eso with about 5 other friends. If you interested in playing with us let me know! The best way to get a hold of me quickly is my email. brad.allen1990@gmail.com. You can email me of message me on Google+
  12. Lego

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Hey ya'll. We gonna set up a temp guild for these so we can play together?
  13. Lego

    Xbox One

    So i was wondering if anyone got an xbox one?! im looking for some people to play with. Let m know. - Lego
  14. Lego

    Elder Scrolls Online

    As everyone probably knows. But for those of you who don't... the release date is 4/4/14 for PC and Mac. While not until June for xbox one and PS4. Id assume that everyone will play on pc. My brother want me to wait for the xbone release but i don't know if i want to wait.
  15. Lego

    Feed The Beast!

    If you have a problem connecting my gmail/google+ is brad.allen1990@gmail.com send me a message.
  16. Lego

    Feed The Beast!

    Hey Guys, I have recently started getting into feed the beast. Its minecraft with a bunch of mods. I was wondering if anyone would want to start a server with me. If anyone is interested let me know. -Lego
  17. Lego

    Feed The Beast!

    sweet, thanks dude!
  18. Lego

    Feed The Beast!

    Actually Im making it a direwolf server. Edit: Note. it is a Direwolf20 V2 1.5.2 server. So launch that version. the ip is Im making a static ip so that will change.
  19. Lego

    Feed The Beast!

    I think im go to try setting it up on my computer. It going to be an unleashed server. Unless you want to play direwolf or something. Let me know if you want it changed.
  20. Lego

    Feed The Beast!

    Well i looked at a pretty good host. I'd be willing to pay. if we can get more than people. If its just us then i would rather try running it from my computer. Know anyone? maybe your cousin?
  21. Lego

    Feed The Beast!

    If it just going to be a few people i was just thinking about running it on my computer. Not sure how well that would work.
  22. Lego

    New Minecraft Server. Horses!

    I have not, but u got a server going?
  23. Lego

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Aww man betas always end to quick.
  24. Lego

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Ill be playing all morning. Add me ill you want to group up my user id is @McCringleberri