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  1. Chris

    Looking For An Lds Fleet.

    Can I also get an invite? Glen@shinehah82 Also, what are the fleet's names? Thanks! -Chris
  2. Chris

    Final Fantasy Xiv Arr Character List

    Welcome back by the way!
  3. Chris

    Final Fantasy Xiv Arr Character List

    Sure, we probably can tonight, after dinner (in an hourish). See you! -Chris
  4. Chris

    Final Fantasy Xiv Arr Character List

    Nan, Natalie, and I actually started a LDS FC. We mostly run dungeons together. We should try to hook up!
  5. Chris

    Final Fantasy Xiv

    Hey all! Natalie and I are thinking about giving FFXIV a try. Would anyone else be interested in trying with us? I created a post in "Other Games" to see if anyone was still currently playing. We'd love to team up with you if you're thinking about it as well Thanks! -Chris
  6. Chris

    Final Fantasy Xiv

    My wife and I are going to start playing FFXIV. Are there other people playing currently? Please reply with what server you are on and your in game name to contact. Let's all get together! Thanks! -Chris
  7. Chris

    Crafting Guides 1-400

    I really like this one - I found it very accurate. I was able to get to 400 in less than an hour (just spent some time gathering the materials beforehand). It's nice in that it provides you a shopping list of things you'll need beforehand. http://gw2crafts.net
  8. If you're interested in running a Fractal or learning how they work, I'd love to help. Natalie and I are online almost every evening - just look us up! Please be on mumble. Thanks! -Chris
  9. Chris

    So Close

    I'm always willing to go as well
  10. Chris

    Arah Any/all Paths

    I'd always be willing to go as well!
  11. Chris

    Fu - Beaten :)

    We found a way to beat Forward Up in Twilight Arbor! Our Group was 4 Guards and an Eley. Basically, half the group kept running clockwise while the other went counter-clockwise. We also switched it up individually based on how the mobs were following up. While running, everyone was basically spaming their AE Staff (#1) skill to hit the tree. If someone had a lot of things on cooldown and/or needed a break, they could run out off to the side and then jump back in.
  12. I know this is old, but if you're still having trouble, Natalie and I can help you out. Path 3 is a breeze- you just have to know where to stand on a couple fights. We run it almost every day along with CoF P1. Just let us know!
  13. Chris

    Whats Your In Game Goal?

    What do you like about the War? What spec do you run? I have an 80 war, but I tend to like my guard better...
  14. Chris

    I'm Just Going To Put This Here...

    That was pretty sweet. It made me want to go join the Vigil and march to the heart of Or.
  15. Chris

    Gw2- Player Tags

    Shinehah.5893 Leaura Guardian