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    Swtor Guild Info

    I usually play around noon mountain time or really early in the morning. Two of my main characters are Elli Bel (Republic) and Sera Bel (Imperial), both are on Star Forge already too Next time I log on I will try to add you as a friend if that is how it works still. Do you need to be on the same planet? I guess I will find out when I get back to my computer.
  2. Witchgirl36

    Swtor Guild Info

    Hi, I would like to be in the guild. I know they have probably died down a lot, but I would still like to be apart of the guild. What servers did they end up on?
  3. Witchgirl36

    Character List, Alderaan First Ward

    AraCoraSuseen jedi consular sage
  4. Witchgirl36

    Preorders Now Available

    Hi, I just joined your guild and I have already pre-ordered the game. Now you have 4 pre-ordersJ. I was surprised to find an lds guild, I did not know there was such a thing. I read on the swtor website that after you get 4 pre-orders you need to pick allies and enemies, does anyone know how we do that?