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  1. Jerron Blacksilver


    Well the point was to practice, so exotics are fine...but definitely be aiming for ascended gear! Trinkets especially you can do with little difficulty; the LS3 zones can be farmed for petrified logs, jade shards, etc...and you can get a full set of ascended trinkets in a couple of days, essentially for free. We had a couple that were not fully geared, and we still managed to do pretty well.
  2. Jerron Blacksilver


    Nice job on the practice run last night folks; considering most of us were totally inexperienced with GW2 raids and we weren't even running a full 10 man squad, the fact that we were able to split the vale guardian and down the splits is pretty impressive!
  3. Jerron Blacksilver

    Guild Wars 2 Guild . . . Dying?

    I'm so mean
  4. Jerron Blacksilver

    Guild Wars 2 Guild . . . Dying?

    We actually had a very successful impromptu guild event last night, completing a trek, a bounty hunt, and a guild puzzle, before breaking off and stomping our way through some dungeons. Would love to see more of the old gang back online! I think we had a total of 10 or 12 people playing in the guild events.
  5. Jerron Blacksilver

    Warframe Dragon Bound

    Aha! I see you found the right place to post this, as per our discussion (Unfortunately, no I won't be joining you in this game...)
  6. Jerron Blacksilver

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    Currently I'm enjoying Exalted 3rd Edition and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire on alternating tuesdays, as well as running a weekly game of Deadlands Noir...Yeah yeah, there's Jerron again, tryna get folks playing tabletop, with the pencils and the papers and the dice...
  7. Jerron Blacksilver

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    Seems like we're all busy! Between a full time job, Cubmaster, EQ secretary and family, I dont have much free time...and what I do have I'm spending playing tabletop RPGs or the occasional boardgame (just finished a game of Arkham Horror a couple hours ago☺)
  8. Jerron Blacksilver

    Wildstar Now Free To Play

    Took a little longer than I thought it would...I think I said a year, and it's been just a few months over that.
  9. Jerron Blacksilver

    Everquest 2- Time Locked Expansion Servers

    That sounds pretty awesome! Too bad it's in violation of my no sub fee rule.
  10. Jerron Blacksilver


    Welcome to the [MoB]! And I'm sure I'm not alone in praying you guys get some rain over there :[
  11. Jerron Blacksilver

    Heart Of Thorns Beta Weekend Event #1

    I'm trying to avoid spoiling HoT for myself, so I haven't even preordered.
  12. Jerron Blacksilver

    Cheaper Ascended Gear In The Stat Combos That You Want.

    You can get celestial stats, but you'd still have to make the armor insignias yourself, which means they still have the time gated component. But crafting ascended armor is so stupid expensive, farming for drops may be a better option.
  13. Jerron Blacksilver

    And I'm....... Moving Out

    Hey don't sweat it, I hear the coolest people move in June... ... ... ... Seriously though, moving kinda sucks, but change can be good. I'd offer a couch to you (I even have wifi!) but a) I'm in Utah and I'm moving a week after you. Good luck man.
  14. Jerron Blacksilver

    I Need Some Mob Help, Please!

    Yeah Web, the voting closed a while ago...and they won! I'm sure Rachelle will post a pic of their glorious new grill as soon as they get it
  15. Jerron Blacksilver


    Welcome to the [MoB]! It was good times running with you the other day