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  1. Shrimpiclese

    Camelot Unchained

    Anyone other than me pledge to the kickstarter for this? I was/am an enormous Dark Age of Camelot fan (sunk a LOT of hours into that one) and as this is a spiritual successor... I was onboard with as much cash as I could spare. Their Beta Phase 1 is starting on July 4th, and this is the tier I pledged to. Wondering if anyone else if going to be in there, or if anyone is planning to play.
  2. IS anyone still/currently playing Stormblood? We have a core of 6ish over on Cactuar (Aether) and are working to put a static together to do Savage content on Monday/Tuesday evenings. Anyone interested? We're in need of DPS
  3. Shrimpiclese


    All raid content can be done in exotics. Numerous bosses have been cleared by guilds in full masterwork (though these are top end players, so I'm not in any way suggesting that as our way to go). However exotics, with a few sprinkled in ascended and people constantly moving towards more ascended will be fine. The order in which one probably should aim for gear is trinkets (easily obtained, albeit with a time investment, from the new living story maps.) Weapons are the biggest damage/throughput boost and so can be honed in on in terms of crafting. Armor, however, is a minor upgrade in terms of overall throughput. They're also cripplingly expensive to get your hands on. Grind your living story currencies and unbound magic, get your trinkets together. Begin crafting weapons, do Tequatl for shots at drops and be doing fractals. Then we just need to get in there and start raiding. With regards to raiding: one thing I'm noticing and it's concerning to me, is that we seems to just be drop of the hat running. Is this the intention going forward? In my experience with a decade of raid leading behind me... that doesn't usually work out. Pugging additional runs because we have a fair amount of people on is one thing, but in terms of a progression oriented team with a desire to down bosses, I'm strongly of the opinion that we need a set night or two with set times. I know this doesn't necessarily work for everyone, but I think a core prog team needs to exist that has these things. This prog team can then help others with content on off nights. Just my thought. (I know that at least some of the members of my former WoW LDS guild who hope to join up and raid with us feel the same as well.) My other suggestion, since we seem to at least partially focused on using discord as our main forum medium for raiding, could we possibly get a handful of other Text channels created on the MoB discord so that these sorts of posts can end up there and not be necessarily lost beneath other chatter?
  4. Shrimpiclese

    Anyone Playing Legion That Doesn't Have A Home?

    Hey Xel, You actually missed us. Dungeoneering INC disbanded after some major burnout. Some are playing on Hyjal, some are on Aerie Peak Alliance side. Several of us are just in GW2
  5. Shrimpiclese


    Of the WoW crew that is coming over, one is playing Condi Engineer, the other is playing Revenant. Currently gearing condi. Have another with some interest as well, though less sure than the first two playing Condi Necro
  6. Shrimpiclese


    I'd like to note that getting Ascended weapons(via crafting) and accessories (using the living story season 3 maps) is fairly important for raiding, but my understanding is that with that starter set in place you can do the early bosses in the early raids and thus get chances at ascended gear drops.
  7. Shrimpiclese


    Alright: so with interest being garnered I can post a bit more about me. My main is a Guardian, full ascended across the board including off-meta weapons and such. Those who've played other games with me, Eonan and Eldryth in this case, can vouch for me making the efforts to be the best I can in any scenario. I take raiding seriously because it's a commitment. My history is that of a raid leader, and seeing that the MoB squad had not previously fielded a team this expansion, it had been my intention to step in and fill that raid leader/shot caller role. It's what I tend to do in games, and have had success with it. I've had several, what I think can be termed, zero to hero success stories. I gravitate towards this role and can honestly say that I tend to have the most fun while in it. Strategies, adaptation and that sort of thing tends to be something I excel at. (Please don't interpret this as me saying "all shall bow to shrimp" but more a "here's my resumé, every team needs a leadership corps") Now, two of what I'd term my WoW crew, have stepped up and thrown their hats in. (Eldryth and Eonan) We spent the better part of the past year playing WoW together and raiding over there. We also have other WoW guild mates who have been testing the GW2 waters and likely would seek to be incorporated into the raid team as well. I believe Eldryth and Eonan can vouch for us having formed a fairly tight knit crew in our time together in WoW. (This is mostly me vouching for those players who may not yet be on the forums.) As someone with a raid lead history, I have done a bit of research into GW2 raiding. Reports indicate that for people with a "raiding" mindset it is a highly satisfying and challenging bit of content. Without a constant gear treadmill, fights can be designed around tight execution and around mechanics that can rarely be simply "outgeared" or "brute forced." GW2 raiding is still in it's infancy, but the people I've talked to and the reading I've done indicate that people who have spent a great deal of time raiding in other games find GW2 to be a refreshing take on the content type. Meta is, sadly, more important in GW2 than in other games, but I do think it's very very important to keep in mind that this will be a learning and growing experience for folks.
  8. Shrimpiclese


  9. Shrimpiclese


    Luckily you know me. Noobs are fine as long as they're willing to learn/listen to raid lead instruction. (This assuming I ended up leading, which I intend to do.)
  10. Shrimpiclese


    I'm going to necro this thread, because I can... Is this content anyone in MoB is interested in? I left WoW recently due to heavy Artifact Power grind burnout. GW2 has always been the game that holds my heart strings, but I'd really like to see endgame. Before I brave the subreddit to try and find a recruiting raiding guild I wondered if other people who share my values are interested in endgame content?
  11. Shrimpiclese

    Tabletop Rpgs Using Online Interfaces

    I don't have a local tabletop RPG group. (D&D/Pathfinder type stuff). I'm trying to get a group together to play fairly consistently using some of the various online tools that are available. Is there anyone out there who is looking to get something together for tabletop rpgs? Veterans and new players would be welcome, as long as you want to have fun and enjoy the game. Savage Worlds is my game of choice, but I'd be open to other games. To make sure things are clear, I'll happily GM a game. I just would like to get to play consistently. (every other week at a minimum)
  12. Shrimpiclese

    Gen Con 2017

    Anyone here on the Mormon Battalion forums going to Gen Con 2017 this year? My brother and I are attending for the first time and are really excited. Would love to meet some folks if anyone is going.
  13. Dungeoneering INC has taken up the unofficial banner of the home for the MoB WoW players. We have an active guild over there with an entirely LDS player base. We'd love to have you come play with us. We are over on Hyjal Horde side and have been having a lot of fun in Legion. We have an active raid team that got the Ahead of the Curve: Xavius Achievement and is currently 5 bosses deep into WoW's new raid, The Nighthold. So if you're looking for a guild with a fun atmosphere, like minded and valued people, and a friendly and helpful environment let's get together and play some WoW!
  14. Shrimpiclese

    Tip: Invasions Are Great For Leveling Alts

    As long as you're out there hitting mobs, yeah. Can do pretty well.
  15. Shrimpiclese

    World Of Warcraft: Legion!

    Wow is a solid game. Legion is a return to form on a lot of the things that made WoW great in the first place. Prior to getting into the beta I was mostly ready to put my WoW habit down for good, because I was so burned on Warlords. However, Legion is excellent. If you're looking for a game to try, and come in with an open mind and a desire to just have fun... WoW is still a solid game.