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  1. Joshua of Justice

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    Bumping the ol' "What's being played" these days thread. I'd love to help the community get reconnected here! Like I saw mentioned above a couple times people seem to be spread across various consoles and games. My small LDS RL crew is rocking Ark Survival Evolved on XBOX One lately and we are going to start a dedicated private server (PC based server) on the official launch August 29th. We also play Battlefront (star wars), Battlefield One, and Destiny (soon to be destiny 2). Join us for good times if you have time. Message me here, or add me and message me on xbox live. My gamertag is "ninj0shua"
  2. Joshua of Justice

    Destiny 2 - XBOX ONE

    Ok, So I know that a lot of peeps around here have an XBOX ONE in addition to their PC games. A group of my adult friends (age 20-35) and I are going to be playing Destiny 2 pretty consistently when it comes out, having played Destiny 1 pretty religiously. We would love to increase the size of the crew if anyone is interested! Pass me your gamertag here and I'd be happy to include you in our shenanigans. We will also be playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 and several other team based shooters on the side... not to mention ARK: Survival Evolved (also XBOX ONE). My gamertag on XBox One is "Ninj0shua". Just make sure to send me a message letting me know you are from the battalion so I know you are not some random weirdo... ;P
  3. Joshua of Justice

    1 Vs 1 Tournament Sign Up

    Someone's gotta lose. Count me in!
  4. Joshua of Justice

    World Of Tanks

    I have played a bit over the last couple months... when the servers are running well it can be a really great game! I have never put any money into it and i still do well. Hope this helps, sounds like they are experiencing technical difficulties... -Justice
  5. Joshua of Justice

    Gw2- Player Tags

    I have returned!!!!! ...and to play Guild Wars 2 with you all nonetheless. Ok so my game client is finally done downloading! Here is my stuffs! -Joshua of Justice.2497 -Joshue -Necromancer
  6. Joshua of Justice

    Your Personal Introductions

    Hey! Been a while since i've been around. (since the sad sad decline of our beloved SW:TOR) Anyway, been playing minecraft and finishing BYU since then (i play MC on the same server as Noah of the Ark). Now I have recently bought Guild Wars 2 and wish to make my presence known again! Happy to be back! -Justice
  7. Joshua of Justice

    Title Explanation?

    I like all the different titles... they are more ways to make me feel special in the community.
  8. Joshua of Justice

    Welcome To Alderaan First Ward!

    I believe it's called "Bishoppa". (cuz she's a girl)
  9. Joshua of Justice

    Activity Committee

    Swell!!! My first act as Activities Committee Chair will be to announce our bi-weekly under-water basket weaving seminar! We will be meeting on Mondays and Tuesdays in Alderaan's... .... wait... I've just been informed that we are unable to submerge in water... Brothers and sisters I am sad to announce that under-water basket weaving has been suspended until further notice. Please stay tuned for more exciting announcements from the committee! ... ;P
  10. Joshua of Justice

    Activity Committee

    Ladies and gentlemen brothers an sisters, I am excited to join the land of the more active. More active in everything to be precise. I have been doing work and school full time but have recently gone to part time in both which is the best stress-reducing decision I've made in years. Anyway like I said, now I have more time to spend with my wife, more time to do better in school, an you guessed it... More time to adventure across the galaxy with the battalion (Which I will still be referring to us as, because it sounds mighty, although I am also a fan of our new official name Alderaan First Ward). Anyways, I am posting this here because although Man (my JK guardian) is awesome and very novel, I am reverting to my original plan to make Mahonri (my Trooper Commando) my main character. So you can expect to see me more often and willing to help the guild however I can. Oh and the "of'Justice" legacy is official! Fight on my friends!!! (see you all tonight in pvp where I will heal the bajeebies out of you all!)
  11. Joshua of Justice

    Level 50 Players

    I actually plan on havin a commando healer 50 in the next few weeks. But that will be a few weeks... That is Mahonri, I'll keep you updated.
  12. Joshua of Justice

    Next (Non-Pvp) Guild Event--Thursday 9 P.m. Est

    I'm totally in for this. I now have convinced my wife's twin and her husband to join for real now! (they have already read the guild coc and were more active on my account than I was) needless to say they both have their own accounts now and desire to be full guild members. We were talking about the Tuesday night pvp and Thursday night raids and that sounds great to all of us. (p.s. I'll have them ask for guild invites tonight probably) The world bosses don't stand a chance against the battalion! See ya there.
  13. Joshua of Justice

    Important: Leadership Changes

    Nikkala for president 2012!! Watch out Romney!! ;p We got your back Nikkala, just let us know how we can help.
  14. Joshua of Justice

    Pvp Toons

    Now that I think about it. Five to seven may be perfect for me in future weeks. (7-9 eastern) But I'm good for eight my time this week though.
  15. Joshua of Justice

    Pvp Toons

    P.s. I think later is better too cuz of my time difference.