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  1. GickerLDS

    Swat Team

    I'l have to get into this sometime when I have a few hours to play. Sounds like a lot of fun.
  2. GickerLDS

    Armor For Order Of Durmand, Whispers, Vigil

    Nice... so hard to pick though...
  3. GickerLDS

    I Blame Crom

    I tried WvW yesterday and it was good fun. Just a tip though, make sure you bring a ranged weapon, as you will likely need to use it at times.
  4. GickerLDS

    Playing Together As A Guild

    Thanks for the tips Luergas. Hoping to get to group more often soon. Cheers Gicker
  5. GickerLDS

    /wave (New To Mb)

    welcome! Look forward to seeing you in game
  6. GickerLDS

    Guild Perks?

    Hey dunno about the guild stuff, nor am I an authority on your 2nd question, but I believe that as long as people accept our code of conduct and abide by it, they're welcome.
  7. GickerLDS

    Normal Excitement

    I enjoy the game from what little I've played. What has me most excited is having so much of the community together on one game, with a good hope that it will persevere this time, which it didn't with SWTOR.
  8. GickerLDS

    What Are You Going To Do First?

    I am going to try to get in on some of the content, and see what can be done. Do some personal story. I've launched with a number of games, as I'm sure many of us have, and the craziness is just part of the first week or two of the game. Luckily for me everyone else seems to play more than me, so after the first week they are all off to higher level places and I get to enjoy myself at a normal pace. And yeah I plan to finish the entire map. Two more days!
  9. For me: Elementalist: they were too squishy Thief: Not into the whole stealth thing Necromancer: Too dark
  10. GickerLDS

    Hello Everyone

    welcome to the site and community. hope you enjoy playing with us
  11. GickerLDS

    Creating The G.w.2 Guild

    No, but it did happenb on SWTOR, so I think they are thinking up some alternatives in case it does happen.
  12. GickerLDS

    Yak's Bend Looking Good

    That's an awesome system
  13. GickerLDS

    Yak's Bend Looking Good

    That's cool as I am a RP'er and this means I can create a RP toon on a RP server and still get to game with the MoB, though my main will still be Yak's Bend.
  14. GickerLDS

    Creating A Browser Based Game

    I'm guessing the problem is when there is a particularly long string of text. Are there any specifically that you feel rushed on, that I can look at cutting out something or rewording?
  15. GickerLDS

    Creating A Browser Based Game

    Yeah they are closer together.... did that offset the slow down, or you able to read it more easily now? I guess I need to cut down on the amount of text, because the time limit is the music length, and I suppose you only have the same amount of time to read the same amount of text, so slowing it down and cramming it closer together doesn't really work, heh.