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    I love Fantasy books and video games especially guild wars. Favorite books are Lord of the Rings and the Wheel of Time.
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    just moved to wichita kansas about a week ago.
  1. Engineer elementalist and necro necro is my fav out of these three but I like getting right up in the thick of things so guard and warrior were my top two. speed buff for guardian is on the staff with a bunch of other buffs. put staff as second and great sword as first had tons of fun.
  2. with websoul on this one guardian will probably be my main or warrior so armorsmith and weaponsmith
  3. going warrior and guardian for this one don't know races yet but those were most 2 favorites from the BWE's i played in.
  4. I will play when this goes ftp love star.wars
  5. I washaving.so much fun just playing I didn't even notice how fast.I was leveling
  6. Hopefully I have my laptop running by then
  7. thank you for sharing that just amazing
  8. since my computer is on the fritz I will not be able to finalize anything on races but professions are down pat.
  9. correct on both next bwe use the signet and you will not see the passive buff anymore well till the cooldown is over.
  10. I need to lockdown a main as well, warrior and guardian are the two favorites at the moment.
  11. the three day head start date is my sons birthday so my wife made me promise not to play on that day.......we will see lol
  12. Have eight but really only with three or four rest basicallyare mules
  13. I can tonight no work tomorrow what time is everyone getting on
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