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  1. Scott and Cecilia met in the Kael'thas horde guild and were married today in the San Diego temple of the LDS church. I believe they are our first World of Warcraft couple to meet in-game and get sealed in real life. WAY TO GO SCOTT AND CECILIA!!!!
  2. Just thought I'd post a link to the Horde guild from WoW armory. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/kaelthas/Saturdays_Warriors/
  3. Jacobo

    Link To Guild On Wow Armory

    It's obvious I have not been on here in awhile. Saturdays Warriors, Kael'thas, has teamed up with The Fish and Bread Trick, Ghostlands, to raid together. Due to the fact that they are actively raiding, a few of us transferred raid-ready toons to their guild. However, anyone wanting to raid that has a raid-ready toon is more than welcome to raid with them without transferring to their guild. A few of the Saturdays Warriors leadership, myself included, did it as a show of good faith that we are serious about our relationship with them. Feel free to message me in-game if you are interested in raiding. Since raiding is available cross-realm, you would not even have to transfer a toon just to raid. My RealID is Jacobo#1590. For the Horde!! PS- They are a Christian guild with similar in-game standards that we uphold. Neither profanity nor abusive language is tolerated in guild chat or mumble. Most raids begin with a prayer (This may seem awkward but it is more for good fellowship and level heads than asking for help defeating the evil forces of Azeroth. I guess it's not too different than us asking Heavenly Father to bless ice cream and cake to nourish and strengthen our bodies!! ) I have no reservations at all about the guild and would trust my own children to play with them.
  4. Greetings! I hope this message finds everyone well and doing whatever you enjoy doing during the summer months! Due to MoP becoming a flop and no date for WoD (which is odd) things have slowed down A LOT on the horde side. Sam hung up his hat after Einar's finger dropped on the mat (or something like that) and I took the reigns as the new GM of the horde guild on Kael'thas. We have had some new recruits of late which puts more on my plate and leads to this post. I am modeling the new guild leadership after chess pieces with one exception. Scott has been called, and accepted the call, to serve as the assistant GM. I created a special rank for him. The GMs and the officers all have alt ranks so they do not need to switch toons if someone needs something. Here is the list of ranks: King = GM King (alt) = GM alts King's Counsel = Asst. GM Counsel (alt) = Counsel alts Queen = Officer Queen (alt) = Officer alts Rook = Raid Leader(s) Bishop = Raiders Knight = General Member Pawn = Guild newbie / Inactive Yes, in the game of chess, the Bishop is 2 to 3 tenths of a point higher than a Knight. Also, I am still working on bank tab permissions. The order of the tabs is not, necessarily, their order in importance. I.E. You may have more withdrawals from tab 4 than tab 2. This is because after I got things organized I realized newer players might need more access to certain tabs than others. I am also limiting the number of daily withdrawals per tab to minimize the risk of looting. About a month ago a toon logged in and took its maximum number of withdrawals after having been inactive for 2 years (I happened to catch it the same night). Also, if you have not logged in for more than a year you have been removed from the guild. Should you return you are more than welcome to come back. Finally, due to the cost of a guild name change I have made an executive decision to leave it as is. Blizz wants $20 for the change and I feel I am giving them enough $$$ already. However, I am moving forward in a different direction. People who want to join need to come here and register first (I feel this shows somewhat of a commitment to join rather than to just go wherever whenever). New recruits must understand and agree to our STRICT Code of Conduct. I will not budge on this AT ALL! I am trying to portray us as a guild with Christian values and not just as a mormon guild, even though our name is LDS. While our purpose is not to find new investigators for the missionaries, I feel this could still serve for possible missionary opportunities. May we all join forces in Azeroth to eradicate the evils there (and perhaps take out some alliance characters too! )! Cordially,
  5. Jacobo

    New Horde Guild Leadership

    Contact Khrull, Errana, or Elcurandero for an inv on the horde side. I have not been on here in awhile. We have raid-merged with The Fish and Bread Trick Christian guild on Ghostlands, which is connected to Kael'thas. All of those interested in raiding have, to my knowledge, moved raid-ready toons to that guild. They basically follow the same standards we do when it comes to gaming. They have a website with a daily bible verse which is nice. They also do not tolerate foul or abusive language on their mumble server. They are a great group of people with whom we, as LDS players, have merged nicely. If you are horde, and wish to raid, contact Junataro-Ghostlands for a guild invite. Khrull, my 100 paladin, is set as the GM on Kael'thas.
  6. Jacobo

    New Horde Raid Co-Op

    I've been working with Junataro-Ghostlands, GM of the Guild "The Fish and Bread Trick," to form an alliance for raiding. They recently had 10 members available to start raiding as a guild, however, with the new flex raids, etc. he was willing to form an alliance with us for co-op raiding. As a sign of goodwill I transferred one of my alts, Reyladron, to their guild. They had no rogues on their raid team. I raided with them last night for the first time and we downed Tectus and Twin Ogron, and also cleared the trash and attempted Ko'ragh. They are an exceptional group of people and do not permit foul language to be used on their mumble server. They have a website, http://www.thefishandbreadtrick.com/homewhich you can go to and find out more information about them. They currently raid on Sundays and Mondays from 7pm-10pm server time. Last night we ended at 9:30 server, so they're pretty flexible. If you'd like to raid with them, message Junataro-Ghostlands and tell him you're a member of Saturdays Warriors and that Jacobo sent you. Please do not message him if your toon is not currently in the Saturdays Warriors guild. I've spent / am spending time to build this relationship with them to help the LDS guild. If you have any questions, please message me here or in-game. Cordially, Jim
  7. Jacobo

    Frugal Living Tips

    So I see Crom was the last one to post here in 2008. Well I thought I'd share some ways we have saved recently. #1 - My family chore is laundry. I do the laundry on the weekends. Let it be known that my teenage kids do their own laundry, so I only do that of my wife and I. However, with the exorbitant price of laundry soap I did some searching and found a homemade powder recipe on the internet (I tried homemade liquid but found it too messy). I've modified it a bit but our laundry is clean every week. I only need 1 tablespoon per load (YES only ONE tablespoon!). Half for a small load and heaping for an extra large load. I use 1/2 bar of grated Fels-Naptha, 2 cups of 20 Mule Team Borax, and 2 Cups of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda. Mix it really well in a bowl. I keep it in a canning jar with a plastic tablespoon. I make 2 jars at a time due to splitting the Fels-Naptha bar. You can also add scented laundry crystals of your choice, but I find that the Fels-Naptha smells good enough for me. #2- This really isn't a money saver, per se, but it could end up saving you money. Ever burn something so bad while cooking that it burnt to the bottom of your pot/pan? What did you do? I found a solution on Pinterest that made me skeptical until I tried it. My wife made some noodles and accidentally forgot to check on them so they got burnt to the bottom of one of our pans. Instead of scrubbing for hours with steel wool and elbow grease I did the following and it worked! Rinse the pot/pan to make sure all the crud is out of it. Then, pour enough hydrogen peroxide in the pot/pan to cover the burnt stuff. Add some baking soda and mix it with the peroxide. I let my pan sit overnight. Then take a towel/washrag and wipe it all out. Good as new! I showed my wife the pan and she was floored, as was I. Hope these help!
  8. Jacobo


    Hello. I'm into PC games as well, most notably World of Warcraft. However, my eldest son is into anime. He went to Japan a couple of years ago and was able to come home with quite a supply of books. He's into all the TV shows he can find too. Welcome to the community!
  9. Jacobo

    For Those Who Recently Unsubbed

    If they are horde, they have been. Anyone who has not logged in for over a year has gotten g/ kicked. It's nothing personal, I just want to keep the guild members current.
  10. I'm pretty sure you need the original investment. From my understanding, the tokens are to continue your sub without paying.
  11. The horde guild has been dying a slow death of late. Several people have quit playing, for now at least, and some have left for a more active guild. I really can't blame them. Soooooooo....... In an effort to try and revitalize things, I have officially changed the name of the guild to Saturdays Warriors (it would not let me use the apostrophe with Saturday). I paid the fee and the name should be official within the next hour or so. We still have an LDS reference, though I'm hoping to recruit anyone who wants to join a casual guild WITHOUT all the drama and language that other guilds have. Anyone joining must agree to not use ANY foul or vulgar language, nor make inappropriate comments. Our current leadership is: Myself - GM Scott - Assistant GM (taking a break due to RL) Erin - Officer Craig - Officer Cecilia - Officer (taking a break due to RL) Please message me with any questions or comments. Cordially,
  12. Jacobo

    Horde Guild Name Change

    Thanks! My wife said that older LDS members should recognize the name but perhaps not younger ones. It was weird how it happened. I was logging in to change the name to "Horde Habit to Break" when "Saturdays Warriors" literally popped into my head.
  13. Jacobo

    Catch You All Later.

    Thanks for everything you did to try and make us better. You'll be missed, Logan!
  14. Jacobo

    Officers Wanted

    Due to RL, Cecilia will not be able to play regularly for awhile. It also looks like Scott will be hit or miss too. That being said, we will need a two (2) people to "step up" in the horde guild. Hoboken was recently promoted to officer status from Raid Leader status. He will still be doing raids, but being as active as he is he will be able to monitor things for the guild. If you are interested in becoming a horde officer, please send Jacobo an in-game mail. We are a very casual guild, so the main thing will be to ensure people abide by guild rules while online. You will be given guild invite privileges, but must read the officers duties post in the forums that details the process of guild invites and other officer duties. You must be an active member of at least 3 months to apply. I will take "applications" until this coming Sunday night, Feb 1, Super Bowl Sunday. For the horde! Cordially,
  15. Jacobo

    Any Alliance Players?

    I also recently leveled my Alliance hunter to 100. I play on Llane, mainly because my bro-in-law plays there and he's the one that got me into WoW almost a decade ago. It's a casual guild with mostly co-workers at his place of employment. My RealID is Jacobo#1590 if you want to add me. The guild Brock mentioned on Doom hammer sounds cool.
  16. Jacobo

    Raiding: Mountain/west Group

    What is your RealID? Mine is Jacobo#1590
  17. Jacobo

    A Star Is Born

    This should probably go under the family section, but because I really only know the WoW contingency I'm putting it here. This is only the second play I've EVER done and the first time (and the last time) I've EVER sung a solo as an adult. I'm Eeyore in this play and only appear at the beginning and the end. If you want some humor, take about 5 or 10 minutes to watch the beginning of the show. It's titled, "A Winnie the Pooh Christmas Tail."
  18. Jacobo

    Raiding: Mountain/west Group

    Scott will be posting some new info on raiding. Be on the lookout!
  19. Jacobo

    Boosted New Mains

    Boosted a Pandaren Warrior to get a guild achievement. Also needed a blacksmith. I still prefer my hunter main, though.
  20. Jacobo

    Heroic Videos

    I often watch videos for dungeons on Youtube. The one thing I have not found very often is a channel without any obscene language. Being a high school teacher and hearing the gambit of swear words during the day, I avoid it at all costs when I am at home. I recently watched a heroic grimrail depot video by Tainted Core that was extremely informative with no vulgarity at all. I plan to watch other videos by them as long as they hold to the same standard. I've tried to watch some by Fatboss and others that have very knowledgeable players but I just can't stomach the vulgarity. Just thought I'd share this with others. Update 12-2-14: Ok folks, I've watched a few other heroic videos from this source with the same results. For clean, detailed videos, check out Tainted Core on Youtube.
  21. www.strawpoll.me/2994552/
  22. Jacobo


    Since I'm currently 585 in the queue to login to Kael'thas, I thought I'd post this here: http://www.wowhead.com/news=244333/warlords-of-draenor-smashed-taxi-in-times-square Some cool pics of a taxi in Times Square leading up to the xpac release. Not sure if anyone else saw it, but I thought it was pretty cool!! For the Horde!!
  23. Jacobo

    Position Available

    Will do Gicker!!
  24. Jacobo

    Position Available

    With WoD upon us, we will be in need of a Central/East Raid leader. I've already spoken with Cecilia and she will remain as an officer, however it would be nice to have someone coordinate guild runs in the Central/East time zones. Hoboken is our Mountain/West Raid leader. Of course, if you are in the east and your schedule fits better with the west you can assuredly raid with them, and vice versa. However, it seems that many times people cannot make events because of the time differences. So, if you are willing (and able) to step up and serve as our CE raid leader, please message me in-game. Game experience is necessary but I don't expect you to know the new content in your sleep. However, you would be required to watch videos and/or read about the new encounters so you can effectively lead groups. For the Horde!
  25. Jacobo

    Position Available

    Lol!! I'm eastern as well. I was only able to raid previously on weekends due to the late times. Even then I could not make some. I think we have enough east coast interest. I'll message you in-game, when the server is not full.