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  1. Welcome to the website/community! Hope you have fun and find some good folks to game with.
  2. Crom The Red

    Who Has Beat The Sky Pirate Dungeon?

    I want in...look for me in game if folks are looking to run this dungeon. =)
  3. Crom The Red

    Mormon Battalion - The Guild, Guild Ranks, & Structure

    Roar! It's never luck when Crom is online...it's meant to be.
  4. Crom The Red

    I Have A Rule About Not Buying Stuff After Midnight...

    Very nice! Congrats! Guess there's wisdom in not staying up past midnight. =)
  5. Crom The Red

    January Purple People Eater Run!

    Puuurrrrrrrple!!! Roarrr!
  6. Crom The Red

    Pattern For Psyops Mesmers (For Wvw)

    Purple People Eaters! I'm logging in right now. Hopefully I come across a Purple Zerg.
  7. Crom The Red

    Wintersday Wvwvw Updates!

    Break Out Events! Awesome. Yaks Bend Borderlands will see some of those after we've pushed all enemy invaders from our lands! For the Hor...sorry.. For the MoB!!
  8. Crom The Red

    Embarrassing Mumble Moments

    My moments of embarrassment usually revolve around mistaking people. Calling Roonteck-Right or calling Cindy-Desse or Leif-Dan as an example. I'm often minimizing my game and trying to see who's talking so I can match up the sound of the voice with the name of the character. It's one of the struggles of playing with one monitor. I use to call people by the wrong names all the time in WoW and always felt bad. My error is often subtle and may not even be noticed most of the time but I notice it. I've played with so many good folks over the past few years and have made a fairly concerted effort to recognize & remember everyone's voice, character names and real names...but it hasn't been easy. =P If I've ever called you by the wrong name, addressed you not realizing you were already in the party or totally forgot your alt's name when you've asked for party invite...please forgive me. LOL. =)
  9. Crom The Red

    Rumors Of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

  10. Crom The Red

    Don't Be Afk When �mulek Bumps Into You

    LOL...thanks for posting this. HILARIOUS! MoB Rocks!
  11. Crom The Red

    Great Trailer!

    Yikes. We've come along way baby. I think we need to make our own video.
  12. Crom The Red

    Guild Picture?

    We can do this two ways: 1. We all get together for a massive screen shot picture. 2. Everyone who wants to be featured sends in a screen shot of their main character to one person who then creates a photoshopped image of everyone like before. Number 2 would probably work out better as far as image quality and overall awesomeness.
  13. Crom The Red

    Dragon Spawn Timers

    Looks awesome! I'll have to favorite this when I get home tonight. Might have a night of kiling dragons. =P
  14. Crom The Red

    Mesmer Portals

    Looks legit to me. This would encourage folks to be more cautious about talking a keep and then just running off and not building or keeping a defence in place.
  15. Crom The Red

    Gw2 30-40 Dungeon Runs

    If you see me in game give me a shout in Guild chat or a whisper. I'd be willing to join in on that.