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    Anything with computers, Music, Crocheting (Long story, learned it on my mission).
  1. Colemanis


    My name is Andrew Coleman and I'm an MMO'aholic. I'm 27 from Pleasant Grove Utah and my cousin Jeff (Eonin) referred me. I have a wife and 2 boys, and work as an assistant call center manager for Teleperformance. I've played WOW, EVE, D&D, LOTRO, Silk Road, Runes of Magic, and many others. My current game is Allods Online as it is free and pretty similar to WOW. I formed my own guild called Total Perfection in hopes of getting people from work to play but it's not hitting it off so well. Anyone is welcome to join. Nezeb Server, League faction.
  2. Colemanis

    Allods Online

    Anyone playing Allods online? It's a world of warcraft type game but free. I've already formed a League guild on the Nezeb server for anyone that wants to play called Total Perfection. My main characters are Colemanis, Kaxandri, Maedusa, and Colemanih. Send me a ping and I can invite.