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    You laugh because I'm different........... I laugh cause I just farted!
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  1. Striker

    Doggybreath - Necromancer Gw2

    Welcome to the group. If no one has invited you by tonight, I will shoot you an invite when I get home tonight!
  2. Striker


    AHhhh Crap... thanksgiving sucks
  3. Striker

    Zephyrus/house Solidor

    Sweet! Welcome... Make sure you set up mumble... it will be extremely essential for raiding
  4. Striker


    Alright... How do Friday nights look? I was thinking we could put together a raid this friday starting at 2030 Central ( 8:30pm). This should allow for both east and west to participate. If you are interested please reply, so we can see if we have enough numbers
  5. Striker

    From The Desk Of Striker!

    Hey folks, As many of you are aware, I have been traveling a great deal over the past month and a half. I want to apologize for not being around as much as needed. Unfortunately I will be away until next Monday again. I have promoted 3 more officers to be able to ensure the guild hall progression is going smoothly. All top tier officers now have the ability to perform all of the necessary actions within the guild. If there are any issues or concerns please see anyone of the officers. We will also be looking, in the near future, to have more events and better coordination. In order for this to occur, it is essential that we spend the foreseeable future promoting the usage of our voice server during ALL game play, particularly the officers. Officers/Leaders are now expected to be on mumble when gaming... even if in "stealth mode". If you are NOT already on mumble, or you have not been using it recently, now is the time to start. If you feel that you are not grouping with people, log in to mumble, you will be amazed the help you get! It is time to become more unified as a group... and voice server interaction is the key to developing a vibrant and effective guild, not to mention having an enjoyable raiding group.
  6. Striker

    Guild Missions

    This is something that we are acutely aware of. We will try to have saturday missions early enough in the day to facilitate participation throughout!
  7. Striker

    Guild Missions

    We will be starting to see guild missions being run on a more regular basis in order to support our GH development. I will be on tonight at 2030 Central time to start them. Saturday evening will also have missions running from 2000-2330 Central time. Please let us know if you are able to make it!
  8. Striker

    Claiming The Mob Guild Hall

    Yup. The idea is that everyone is able to be part of the design process, but a few will oversee to ensure that it remains somewhat ... for a lack of a better word... sane.
  9. Striker

    Claiming The Mob Guild Hall

    The plan is to acquire the Gilded Hollow. Once this is done we will need master decorators and designers. In order to maintain an organized chaos, we will try to have a select few in charge of the design process. Is there anyone who is interested in this responsibility?
  10. Striker

    X-Box One

    I am on xbox one . I don't play much tho
  11. Striker

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    With regards to the guild halls... I recommend the guilded hallow ... it is expansive and really open to design! Unless an officer strongly disagrees, this is the way to go! I will be back after Nov 8th... until then if things need to happen... Kev, Jerron, Bris, Zator and SSJDMAN will work together to to keep things organised. Saturday nights will once again be a guild night
  12. Striker

    Slowly Pulling My Life Together

    I will be back in December.. I bit off more than I can chew with 2 masters courses
  13. Striker

    I'm On Youtube

    Ummmm... that hurts my head.... Clearly my geek levels fall far short
  14. Striker

    Awesomesauce 3/10/2015

    I will be there!
  15. Striker

    Guild Wars 2 Guild . . . Dying?

    I'm back