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  1. vazor


  2. vazor

    Heroes Of The Storm- Blizzard Moba

    I'm playing this a ton right now because my company is going to be in a tournament. Add me if you like: vazor#1815
  3. vazor

    Main Character Screenshots

    Here is my first screenshot of my main. So awesome. And yet so cute.
  4. vazor

    Creating The G.w.2 Guild

    So if come Friday night I log in and Yak's Bend is full... do I choose Henge of Denravi?
  5. No Warrior, Elementalist, or Necromancer. Warrior and Elementalist are fun but too generic for me. Necromancer is also fun (especially that shroud mechanic!) but like Luregas I find it too dark and I don't like seeing bones and wraiths all the time.
  6. vazor

    What Are You Going To Do First?

    After getting my character names, I'm going to: Get on my charr mesmer and level it in the charr starting zone and nearby zone with the aim of being one of the first in the guild to complete the first dungeon. Then I'll focus on a balance of levelling and getting all the waypoints in the world so I can be where the fun is. Then I'll start playing my alts along with my main, each of which have individual goals. I'm not sure how much sleep I'll be getting this weekend.
  7. My thoughts from the betas so far: So, the more I play the beta, the more I realize that this game is only going to be as fun as the first GW, unless you have a group of people you play with. Examples: WvW - gets tiring quickly when you aren't in a group because you're pretty ineffective in small numbers Dynamic Events - once in a while you'll see hints at things here and there- but sadly most of the events have not been discovered yet because you need a large group to get past the first few steps in the chain So... I want to follow someone, that will have a lot of others follow them, that will take us through dynamic event chains one night, and battle for a keep the next night. I'm imagining weekly guild nights for this. If MoB isn't going to do that, then luckily, I can join more than one guild, so I will find a guild that will. But I'd be surprised if the leadership of MoB isn't already thinking something along these lines. All that said, whenever I play another game besides GW2, I end up wishing they had copied GW2 more- e.g. whenever someone steals a loot drop, or skips out on a quest after being helped. I'm so glad GW2 is doing this- and I hope it's a blazing success because even tho the hype was more than they could fulfill, they deserve to succeed with this game and the evolution of MMOs that they have put forth.
  8. Here are one person's list of pointers to follow if you want to save some trouble figuring out how things work during the beta: http://www.guildwarsinsider.com/beta-weekend-event-primer/
  9. vazor

    Transferring Worlds

    Alright, Yak's Bend then I guess. I'll be going there to start. If it's too crowded I'll go to Steamspur Mountains.
  10. vazor

    Mumble Voice Server

    For now I'm not inviting any friends onto this server since it's protected, but for testing and for future planning: Will we be able to invite friends to use this server? Only if they are in the Guild? Only if the server is below capacity? Will there be a system for guest passwords? Just some thoughts. -vazor
  11. vazor

    How Many Will Be Playing?

    I have mixed feelings about this post. I'm below Jahalan (boooo!) but above Crom (woo?). Haha j/k
  12. Vazor Strafe : Keeping, Charr Engineer or Mesmer. Tajyo Luminique : Probably using for a Human or Norn Guardian. The rest I'm not sure.
  13. vazor

    Guild Wars 2: Purchased!

  14. vazor

    Beta Signups Open!

    I too have signed up for the Beta. So exciting!!!