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  1. Dale (Mass of Attack)


    Yeah, I know this is an OLD feed but it's the latest one in the GW2 section. I too miss the group we had in here. My daughter hasn't given up on GW2 and has convinced me to get back in. I did see Kev, Lady and Spud on the other night and was tempted to dm them but was only on for a bit so I thought I would check in here. What do you great people use to communicate these days? I'll check around the forum for a thread. I hope we can get together and do something fun, I know my daughter would love to as well. I recently purchased HoT and the other one so I'm just working on those...been a while don'tcha know. Keep it real.
  2. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Black Desert Online

    I've been playing this for years and love it. I've been a little preoccupied with Destiny 2 lately though. If you ever want to hook up let me know.
  3. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Destiny 2 - XBOX ONE

    Just picked up D2 and am loving it so far. My tag is NephiGidgiddoni. I don't have any of the other games you mentioned but if you're ever on D2 lets hook up.
  4. Dale (Mass of Attack)


    Squakers? Still playing and having a blast. Would love to have a few more so we can do raids-n-stuff. The update makes it much quicker to level and get sweet loot. Light jumped up to 294 last night hoping to have it over 300 or 310 this week.
  5. Dale (Mass of Attack)


    Anyone playing Destiny? I have The Taken King on the ONE and am really diggin it. I know I'm a bit late but I'm a lvl 40 and about at 230 light. I have a buddy I'm playing with who is much higher but would love to get some raids n stuff going. If anyone knows of a lds clan that would be awesome too.
  6. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Black Desert Online

    Well, on to the the North American version. It's going to be released March 3 but the 26th is the last day to get a package with a head start. https://www.blackdesertonline.com/preorder/. Fabulous game.
  7. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    X-Box One

    I've been playing Assassin's Creed IV lately and loving it. I also have Unity and am planning on getting Syndicate later. Also would like to get Destiny, H5 and so on, and so on. My gamertag is Nephigidgiddoni for anyone who would like to add me.
  8. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Swtor Guild Info

    My characters are MassofAttack and JackieGuildmore. My Sons toon is Butterboy...don't ask cause I don't know =).
  9. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Character List, Alderaan First Ward

    My son and I started playing this a little. We're on Shadowlands. I have 2 toons and my son has 1. I hope Shadowlands is the right one. Is anyone still plying this? Looks like last post was a year ago.
  10. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    No Mans Sky - June 2016!

    If you haven't heard, No Mans Sky is coming out next June. Very exciting news for a very cool game. If you haven't heard of it and are a Sci-fi fan you need to check it out. http://www.no-mans-sky.com/is the official site but there are a ton of cool videos on youtube as well. Check it out and let me know what you think. DJ
  11. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    So how long is HoT going to be pay?
  12. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Core (Pre-Expansion) Guild Wars 2 Is Now Free!

    Nice. Thanks Dman. I am contemplating a come back in GW2. I hope it works out for anet, It's tough trying out a new business model.
  13. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Core (Pre-Expansion) Guild Wars 2 Is Now Free!

    Has anyone noticed a change to the game/players attitudes/spam chat since this happened?
  14. Dale (Mass of Attack)

    Black Desert Online

    Is anyone here playing Black Desert online on the Korean server with the English patch? The game is amazing! Let me know.
  15. Dale (Mass of Attack)


    I too would like to do it. I will check back here to find out when.