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  1. Ezrum_BJ

    Mormon Battalion - The Guild, Guild Ranks, & Structure

    Now whats the name of the guild so I don't get confused with other guild invites.
  2. Ezrum_BJ

    Gw2- Player Tags

    I figured I would play this game as well. would like a guild invite my game name is Ezrom.7049 (at least I think) I am on guild server.
  3. Ezrum_BJ

    Mormon Battalion - The Guild, Guild Ranks, & Structure

    I figured I would play this game as well. would like a guild invite my game name is Ezrom.7049 (at least I think) I am on guild server.
  4. Ezrum_BJ


    Ezrom_BJ, Ezrum_BJ, etc Not sure I did a post here on introductions so I figured I would do it again. About me: We had pcs in my house for as long as I can remember. The first pc I remember is a commodore 64 with a green screen. My dad always let us play pc games and we would often rent them for us (yes back in the day we could rent pc games). He was not a fan of game consoles and said many times he would never buy one the closes we got was Nintendo Gameboys. My dad was a pc programmer, and network admin and would often bring home spare computer parts for us to take apart and play with. When I was about 8 years old, I got my first personal computer. However, my dad required that in order to get my own pc I had to learn how to build it myself. So at an early age I started building my own computers. I started with an Intel Pentium (yes the first Pentium) with windows 3.1. As I grew up I became better and better at building pc’s. When I got a job as a paper boy about 12 I was able to start buying some new pc parts instead of using the hand-me-down parts from my dad’s work. I enjoyed playing computer games with my brother. And the pc games we grew up on were C&C, Red Alert, Warcraft, diablo, and StarCraft. Though I was never that good at any of the games (my brother always beat me). The games I enjoyed the most were Warcraft and Diablo (my favorite of those 2 was Diablo). I enjoyed the games not just for playing but for the stories. I loved the story lines (I was never into books that much because of some learning problems I have books were always hard to read), Because books were hard for me to read I think I leaned more toward the pc games and the stories behind them I could play through. I am now happily married (12 years now). I have 3 great kids their ages are 10, 9 and 2. My wife and I decided to take turns going to collage so one of us could be a parent. We put my wife through school first and now I am currently working through school myself. I am working on a bachelors in “Art Visual Communications” with a focus on Illustration. I am a stay at home dad while I am going to school. My wife works full time to support the family and although having one parent not working is hard, and money tight especially now a days. I still find the time to enjoy video games and play when I have the time. I also still love to build computers and have built my wife’s and mine.
  5. OH no! I am SOOOOOOO Sorry!!!! I have been setting up an addon that automates the promote, demote, and even remove from guild.This addon I feel will help me with guild maintenance. If someone goes dormant for too long then I can set it to demote them to inactive. I have been messing with the setting to get it all set right. I thought I had turned off the remove from guild feature (because you can). I must have Messed up big time! You have been so helpful! You helped me figure out how to get the guild transferred to me. I would love for you to come back to the guild and am sadden to see you removed me from your Battletag friends list. I am truly sorry. I only wish you would have messaged me personally and asked what happened, instead of posting here for all to see. I am sorry that you were offended over this clearly 100% stupid mistake I made. I don't know how many times I can say it for you to believe me. I AM VERY VERY VERY SORRY!!!!
  6. The only characters that were removed from the Guild were ones that were dormant for over 2 years. Since I am restarting this guild and did not know if any of those people that were gone for 2 plus years were ever coming back so I removed them from the guild and would gladly invite any back that wish to rejoin.
  7. The guild has been Dormant forever. So I am trying my hand at Management for Alliance Guild and now that they are Multi Realm Guilds. The guild is low on members especially active ones. I encourage all alliance players new and old to support the alliance Guild and join up. I have loaded the guild Bank 7 tabs with my personal supply to get the guild bank a boost. Please contribute to guild Bank. I do not come to the website very often, but I will be managing the guild as I can. All guild members will be limited for now on the amount that can be taken out and there is not guild repairs because funds are extremely low. Once the guild funds reach 20,000 gold Members will gain the ability to use guild funds to repair. Realms Linked together are - Blade's Edge / Vek'nilash / Eonar If you are playing on any of these three realms come join us!
  8. Ezrum_BJ


    Hello all figured it would be time for an update. My wife has had Lots of interviews in SF, but nothing came of them. So we are now looking into Utah to go down and help my wife's sister as she will be going throw a deforced (her husband has decided that he does not want her or their 5 kids any more so he is leaving them at the end of may nice guy a) so my wife is looking for work there, and will be moving down by the end of may if she is not called down there for an interview first. i will do 2 semesters of school online with the school in SF, then we will be trying to get into BYU, and there animation program. hopefully when we get settled i can still come back and play a little. hope all is going well and i will try to keep you all posted on whats happening. Ezrum_bj
  9. Ezrum_BJ


    My wife has graduated from school in Dec 2010, and now it is my turn I have pick the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and will be moving down there hopefully in the next six month to start school(as soon as my wife finds work). i wanted to let u all know i will not be on wow until things get settled down again. We are busy packing and getting ready to go, and getting me applied and all the paperwork and loans figured out for school. I am hoping once we move and things settle again i will be back on if home work is not to bad i am ex-sighted and nervous at the same time. This will be the first time i have gone to collage, and its been 10 years scene high school. when i get back i will be more then happy to continue as a officer and help the guild grow and progress, good luck to u all u have all been great and hope to be back soon. PS in answer to these wondering which major I have decided to major in Animation and visual effects, and from there we will decide rather to go into game art (making games) or the movie industry. Ezrum aka BJ Gifford
  10. Web stats for Nax raid 9/18 Wow Web Stats Wow Meter online World Of Logs Enjoy
  11. Ezrum_BJ

    Ulduar Run 10Man 9/3/10

    By request. here is Ud stats world of logs: My link wow meter online: My link wow web stats: My link Enjoy
  12. Ezrum_BJ

    Icc 10 Man Part 2 8/28/10

    Wow Web Stats:My link Wow Meters Online:My link World Of Logs:My link Enjoy :-)
  13. Ezrum_BJ

    Icc 10Man Part 2 8/14/10

    ok here is the stats form the web site Wow web stats: My link Wow Meter online: My link World of logs: My link Enjoy
  14. Ezrum_BJ

    Custom Computers

    well as for quiter fans lol no way I have 5 fans in my computer. it the nosest in the house, but i could fix it by looking into quiter fans (which is what i am doing). As for graphics yeah all the games i play i can max out graphic's in the game and still get avg of 100 fps. games examples: C&C 3, 4, redalert, StarTrek, WoW of corse my main game, also Lord of rings online, eve online, Company of Heroes, Suepreme Commandor, etc. Stable overcloaking is quite possible and is done regularly. I will work on getting a pic with the lighting (note all the lighting i have is black lights so a little harder to see) I am also concerting to change that to be more colorful. Enjoy Ezr
  15. Ezrum_BJ

    Custom Computers

    I have been asked a few times about what my computer looks like with liquid cooling and all. So i figured i would post my custom built computer. I have been building computers for about 21 years now (my dad started us when we were young) It's a hobby i love to do. if u have any questions let me know. The temp u see is idle temp of the liquid coolant. when gaming temp can be around 111-115F. But hey that what u get when your overclocking your computer. This is stable overcloaking for almost a year now . CPU : Intel Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz Freq : 4209.58 MHz (cpu running at) MB Brand : Asus MB Model : Rampage II Extreme GPU Type : Radeon HD 5970 x 2 GPU Clocks : Core 749 MHz / RAM 1050 MHz RAM : 6144 MB DDR3 Triple Channel Corsair RAM Speed : 801.8 MHz (2:8) @ 8-8-8-24 HD : 4 250g hard drives raid 1 CDROM : Blue-ray burner Monitor : Samsung SyncMaster 2233rz (hopefully) 2 more of these for one large screen capable of 3d gaming across all 3) Monitor : 19" no brand Mouse : logitech G9 gaming mouse Keyboard : logitech G19 gaming Keyboard Headset : Sound Blaster Wireless World Of Warcraft addition Enjoy Ezr�J