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  1. RyanGarlick

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    Oh Idk if yall have see this but A-Net just released a new trailer for the new class they are trying to work in for the next big patch come January. Check it out!
  2. RyanGarlick

    X-Box One

    Are you planning on playing any of the new releases?
  3. RyanGarlick

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    Lets just say... There will be a lot of running.
  4. RyanGarlick

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    Its the new guild influence stuff not the current one. The current one will only give us a slight speed boost to crafting banners and such. We get the new stuff for going around with people in the guild once HoT is released.
  5. RyanGarlick

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    We need to gather Guild Influence for that first week before we can purchase the Expedition. So we will have to see what guild missions are available to us before we are able to actually get it all ready to go.
  6. RyanGarlick

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    We must keep in mind though that the mine is time gated so the sooner we claim the hall we can get our mine on the way.
  7. RyanGarlick

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    Sweet So we can change what hall we want and stuff but WHEN should we try to schedule the Excavation. I am thinking that because HoT comes out on Friday the 23, we should probably try to optimize our participation by doing it on Saturday the 24th or possible that next week (because people will be going mad playing the other content possibly) or bringing the (what i think was) Tuesday Night Guild Night back with that being the first!
  8. RyanGarlick

    First Time Builder

    Hey! So I am building a custom PC and was wondering if I could get some second opinions on it. It is a little high end and I have already purchased the Case, power supply, and optical drive because they have all had pretty nice sales since starting this. I'm 99% sure that there is no conflicts in the hardware and I will be running 1080p at 140fps (or at least that is the goal). So tell me your thoughts and if there is anything you would change or upgrade/downgrade on. Thank you! The PC: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/VwqXcf Also I painted the case already so it is a matte black with all the mesh a sort of light blue (looks really nice and will see if I can get some pics up some time. But I am trying to think of a name for it. I have also decided to paint this sort of tribal rhino decal thing on the side.
  9. Everything is Awesome!

  10. RyanGarlick

    Heart Of Thorns Guild Preparation

    Hey! With the expansion of Heart of Thorns only 15 days away I feel the need to start preparing for what is upcoming with the new features, as I am sure some of you do as well. This included but is not limited too: 1 - Which Guild Hall shall we choose (and how are we paying for it) 2 - Who is willing to be Guild Scribes to help decorate the base 3 - Getting people back active in the game! 4 - Getting Guild Night back! 5 - (anything else you can think of) This is just a short list of things we can do as a community to really get more prepared for the swiftly upcoming expansion. (Also please tell me if there is more that can be added to this list and such) On another note, Guild Promotion/Allowances. I bring this up because the other day I was in WvW and after a couple hours of taking Supply Camps and such me and a small group took a Tower. I then walked up to claim it for our Guild so that others may bask in the awesomeness that is Mormon Battalion! Upon talking to the guild claiming npc, he told me I don't have permission to do that. I then ask around in the guild and it seems like there are only a few that do. When it comes to promotion as well I feel like no one ever get promoted because we haven't had as many people on as we would all like. There are some of us that are still actively playing that I feel should be given more responsibility as we are the ones that are active and trying to keep the guild alive (because no one wants to be stuck as an esquire all their days). These are just my thoughts and I am possibly very wrong in some of these but communication is always a great thing. Tell me your thoughts and we can see if we can start getting this ball rolling and have those great times just like back in the day with GW1 and all those UWsc runs and such. Thank you, Rhyon Ad Mortem
  11. RyanGarlick

    X-Box One

    Hey! I know PC Master Race and such, but I was wondering if there is anyone that also plays consoles as well, in paticular X-Box One. We have a really, really nice line of games in this upcoming quarter and want to put together a fire-team, or at least a group to go play with. Feel free to add me and post your Gamer Tags so we can get the ball rolling. Gamer Tag: Rhyon Ad Mortem
  12. RyanGarlick

    Heart Of Thorns Launch Trailer

    That just blew my mind!
  13. RyanGarlick


    I do know that we had a server going about a year ago and i am pretty sure it is not up and running anymore.
  14. RyanGarlick


    Hey! Im just trying to see if im the only one that plays Minecraft. I have a multiplayer server up and running and i keep it up too date if you want to join. Ill post more details on how to join my server if i get any responces.