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  1. Li Binglong

    Anybody Playing?

    Having someone send you an invite soon!
  2. Li Binglong

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    I still play League of Legends. Lately I've picked up the third episode of Starcraft 2 and its really good. Not much else - I read or watch movies occasionally. Maven plays Natural Selection 2 occasionally. She's pretty good! We have 3 kids now. I'm EQ 1st Coun. and Building Rep, and Maven is RS Pres. We haven't played an MMO in a long time (got on WoW for a day or so during a free-week thing, and a very short 2-day stint in GW2). MMOs don't have the draw they used to - they all feel like a grind now. I miss the days when they didn't feel like that though. We remember well the great times we had with everyone - thanks for the memories! I still remember the guild battles, touch rangers, prot monks, minotaur farming (thanks Striker), 2-man ecto farming, WoW raiding in Icecrown, and hearing the professor telling me of the Good News! Good hearing about you guys! I just randomly stumbled here and saw this thread - glad I did.
  3. Li Binglong

    Super Adventure Box Is Live

    Nice article on it. http://massively.joystiq.com/2013/03/31/your-guide-to-guild-wars-2s-super-adventure-box/
  4. I talk to people all day at work, and sometimes I don't want to talk to anyone, just game by myself. So if I don't get on mumble, its not that I don't like everyone or anything, I just feel like keeping the chat out of my head. I'll never complain though, so its not a problem. Just clarifying why I don't get on mumble sometimes. Also, for some reason guild chat is hard to notice for me. Maybe its screen location or color, but I just don't see it. If I do, it's so much talk in there that it's hard to distinguish whats of interest to me and what's not, so a lot of time I ignore guild chat. Sorry everyone! Just being upfront. I think its a combination of both, because Justin was messaging me a ton last night and I didn't see any of them. Sorry bro! Just the opposite of Maven above, I DON'T want social sometimes. I've had enough social all day and I just want to hack and slash stuff to death. Still love you guys though!
  5. Li Binglong

    Planetside 2

    A couple of us are on US West - Connery. New Conglomerate faction. Alas, I hardly have time to play though. KW
  6. Li Binglong

    World Verse World

    Tru Striker, tru. Nik - me and Maven went in at level 21. It scales you up to 80 pretty well and gives you standard 80 pvp gear, etc. Put on your ranged weapons (it replaces them with 80 equivalent) and get going! It was a riot. It was overwhelming and confusing at first, but just run around with a pack and just pick off the enemy players that overextend and you'll do great! It was fun building with supplies and capping points, as well as little dynamic quests that come up to where we killed NPC's and monsters. Also, there are vistas and POI's too! Those are fun because it adds PvE elements in the PVP world. It feels fun and risky to go seek out new things knowing dudes could be around to jump you! I leveled 1.5 levels last night just on WvW. I will definitely agree that WvW is a completely different game and feels like we bought 2 games in 1. Just try it out!
  7. Li Binglong

    Is This Real?

    Besides me being 30, that's my description as well, evening the church calling. Its hard being this awesome, right? Life is rough...
  8. Li Binglong

    Normal Excitement

    I've noticed there is a crazy amount of excitement about GW2 going around the forums. I won't sour anyone's joy so have at it! However, is anyone else still excited, but not jumping around crazy in anticipation? I'm looking forward to playing with old friends, etc. but I'm not crazy all over the place for GW2. "Just happy to be here" type thing. I'm I a lone fish in a sea of piranhas hungry for GW2? I still even haven't bought the game yet. Participated in most of the betas/stress tests though (yes they let you in even though you don't prepurchase). Looking forward to hanging with you guys in GW2! Just not biting at the bit for it. Glad you guys are excited though!
  9. Li Binglong

    Silentcoast - Gw2

    Welcome! You'll enjoy this place - lots of people old and new and people really tend to stick around here - which means we've got something good here.
  10. Li Binglong

    Stress Test Today

    I have not pre-ordered or pre-purchased, and I was able to get into the stress tests.
  11. Li Binglong

    Class Check~ Top 2!

    Human Thief main Sylvari Guardian Alt mixing it up a bit for 'ol Li.
  12. Myself and Maven will come back on and off, but we'll be sucked into GW2 as well and also we're big into LoL. Also playing Skyrim so not sure how much time I'll have!
  13. Li Binglong

    Anyone Need Help Getting To 30/50?

    Update: Maven just hit 30/50!
  14. Li Binglong

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    Just finished Bastion. Thanks Eldryth for sending it to me! It was fantastic. Just got Skyrim on a Steam sale. Poking around in that. Still playing League of Legends. Excellent game. Diablo 3 on whatever else time I have.
  15. Li Binglong

    Anyone Plan Any Last Minute Class Changes?

    Agreed with Kev. Are you sure? Jerron is an unstoppable Juggernaut - a Legend dipped on the blood of his enemies. He protects the innocent not through conjurations or healing, but through gutting the enemy before they get to them. When one heeds "The Warrior's Call", they're heeding "Jerron Blacksilver's Call".