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  1. Slena Shadowfury

    Gottta Love Kids

    That's awesome
  2. Slena Shadowfury

    I Just Bought My Wife The Game

    Yeah Rachelle!
  3. Slena Shadowfury


    Our daughter wanted us to name Alexander, Lightning Star. She was 4 at the time.
  4. Slena Shadowfury

    Gonna Be In The Slc Area.... Lunch?

    I was thinking the same thing
  5. Slena Shadowfury


    I grew up having an my name misspelled all the time, because my mom wanted a traditional name but a unusual spelling Elisebeth, instead of the Elisabeth or Elizabeth ways of spelling it.
  6. Slena Shadowfury

    Good Books

    I love Robin McKinley's Beauty. One of my favorites
  7. Slena Shadowfury

    Dristan And Kozak At Lunch

    I do?
  8. Slena Shadowfury

    Dristan And Kozak At Lunch

  9. I am keeping Slena Shadowfury, but as for the rest I am still unsure.
  10. Slena Shadowfury


    Happy Birthday Crom!
  11. Slena Shadowfury

    Site Redesign and Migration

    Jandar, the site looks great! You did a wonderful job. Thanks for all you do.
  12. Slena Shadowfury

    Happy Birthday Dristan!

    Happy Birthday Babe! Love Ya!
  13. Slena Shadowfury

    Happy Birthday Beautiful!

    Thanks everyone. I had a good day. Started it off with some service for my in laws and a big lesson in patience:wink:. They babysit my SIL's girls during the week and were going to the Temple, so I was given the chance to serve by watching my niece who is kindergarten so they could go. Then after getting our kindergartner on the bus, Dristan and our 3 yr old took me out to lunch. And shopping for some new clothes. Dristan even took charge of dinner so I didn't have to cook. We had chocolate cheesecake for dessert. And watched a movie together after the kids went to bed. It was a good day.
  14. Slena Shadowfury

    Li and Maven's new arrival

    Congrats Li and Maven! I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy.
  15. Slena Shadowfury

    What kind of Christmas tree do you have?

    We cut our own Christmas trees here. It's become a family tradition that on the Saturday after Thanksgiving we bundle up and go cut Christmas trees. The only expenses are the $5 tree tag and the hot chocolate for afterward. Dristan got ours up last night and it smells wonderful.