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  1. Sleuth

    Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO)

    Sorry for the delay, the response got sent to my spam folder! My characters are very low level (max 2) I will create a Ranger on Argonessan, and work my through. When I am at a high enough level I will let you know. The name (unless taken) will be OrigSleuth. I usually play Paladin, or Ranger characters - which one do you prefer / need? Best regards Sleuth
  2. Sleuth

    Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO)

    Hi I have just returned to DDO, and I play with my son and a friend. Only trouble is - I am in Europe. However I would love an invite to the guild. My Characters on Canith are: JoeDredd LoganVijf OrigSleuth If you see those around, please say Hi. Best regards Sleuth.
  3. Hello, Happy New Year to all & sundry. Hope your Christmas was a good one. Ours was good - until the Sister Missionaries created chaos! (That is another story.) Is it possible to invite my son to the guild in GW2? He is known there as Vdynrhy.6095. Please do not ask me to pronounce it, or I will start to whimper. He is known as Draakenhere in STO, and is a RM. Thanks very much and best regards Sleuth
  4. Sleuth

    I'm Taking A Break From The Game For A While

    Have fun, and enjoy the break. Hopefully see you soon. Have a Happy Christmas Best regards Sleuth
  5. Sleuth

    New Member

    Hi Travis, Rouben was invited yesterday by another officer. To everyone: If I or we can help out - please send me a discord message. If it is possible due to commitments or time constraints - we will do so,
  6. Sleuth

    New Member

    It is planned that we will be online this Friday from 18.00 GMT. (I could not play last Friday - works Christmas do.) We usually play for a couple of hours until either "She who likes to be obeyed" would like some attention or gets back from teaching Institute! Best regards Sleuth
  7. Sleuth

    What's The Activity Level Like?

    Hi Travis, Everything being equal I should be playing with this Friday with the other LDS member. Will see what is happening. Have you heard of Discord? We will be testing out on Friday, previously we were Skyping. Best regards Sleuth
  8. Sleuth

    What's The Activity Level Like?

    I currently play most Fridays with another LDS player. He is from where my son is currently serving a mission. I know the feeling about limits on "me" time, it does get "interesting". Currently I find GW2 to be one of the best Free 2 Play games out there. Especially as it isn't Pay to Win type of Free 2 Play.
  9. Sleuth

    Hello All...

    Sorry for the long delay in giving a welcome! Welcome. I don't play SWTOR preferring to play the "dark side" - Trek. If you have any questions etc, I will also be glad to try and help out. Best regards Sleuth
  10. Sleuth

    Guild Hall Update

    If I can help out - please let me know. I will do my best to assist.
  11. Sleuth

    What's The Activity Level Like?

    Hi thanks for the invite. I have accepted it, look forward to helping out. If you need anything please let me know. Best regards Sleuth
  12. Sleuth

    Additional Invites

    Ok thanks for the answer, I just wanted to try and take part in any events. Of course being in Europe does make for "interesting" times.
  13. Sleuth

    What's The Activity Level Like?

    Hi SSJ, Thanks very much. Unfortunately I will not be able to play until next Friday, so no real hurry! Best regards Sleuth
  14. Sleuth

    Additional Invites

    Hi Michael, Thanks very much, especially at the quick response. Off topic but still STO relevant: I noticed that there was/is an event planned. In what time zone is it? I ask because being in Belgium I am a long way from you guys and so participating might become "interesting". Thanks very much & best regards Sleuth
  15. Sleuth

    Additional Invites

    Hi, I would like to bring my main character over - any problems with it? Can I invite myself or should I wait for a leader? Also I have talked with my son, who was playing STO but is taking a two year break from the world, he would also like to join. Again is this a problem - I am keeping his account active, but not really playing it. Thanks very much and best regards Sleuth