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  1. Maven

    Anybody Playing?

    We are alive and well and have been playing WoW (on the Horde side, Kael'thas) since May. Let's put some life back in this place!
  2. Maven

    Co-Op Board Games

    Flash Point is a fun co-op! You choose from different fire fighting roles and are trying to rescue the victims/put out fires before the building collapses and/or your victims die.
  3. Maven

    Hi Guys

    Welcome Jeff!
  4. Maven

    Hello Lords And Ladies

    Yes, introductions are well appreciated! Folks will probably have to dig a bit for mine. Tell us about yourself!
  5. Maven

    Super Adventure Box Speed Runs

    Thanks for posting that Kev!
  6. Maven

    I Just Bought My Wife The Game

    Woot, that's great!
  7. Maven

    New Hair Colour! Help Me Choose!

    I am partial to the dark red. In any MMO I play at least one or two of my toons end up with that color! lol By the way, great idea leaving your toon logged in at the top of that jumping puzzle we did Wednesday night! I waited for the reset on Thursday and logged in to be rewarded not only with a new splendid chest to open, but also 1/5 of my daily done as completing a jumping puzzle was one of the dailies available to do. Woot!
  8. Maven

    Thanks For Being Awesome!

    Wahoo! I felt the same way Jerron. Thankfully I didn't hear any snickers in response to some of my more noobish questions.
  9. I am a stay at home mom. The appeal to gaming, for me, is partly social as I feel like it gives me time to chat and have adult conversation. My ideal experience is gaming with my husband and friends while being able to talk. I suppose it's all a balance of utilizing my precious gaming time (am I Gollum or something?!?) and being considerate of others.
  10. Maven

    So If I Vote Today....

    It's my impression that Jaina is very much opposed to Garrosh's Horde. I'm not sure what her feelings would be toward a Horde under different leadership.
  11. Maven

    Guild Picture?

    Bah, Maven Shadowstalker is definitely not ready for her closeup! Of course she looks amazing and deadly wherever she goes, but she was hoping to have some new armor before being immortalized forever on the interwebz.
  12. Maven


    Welcome Seriphan!
  13. Maven


    Welcome! We're glad you found us.
  14. Agreed, that's exactly what happened. All good here!
  15. Maven

    Is This Real?

    Welcome! My husband and I did a similar search online for an LDS guild back in 2006 and we've been a part of this AWESOME community ever since. I'm just wondering if you're a clone of my husband?! lol I kid, I kid...but the only difference on the above is a year on the age. The rest describe him accurately. Crazy!