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    Puzzle Pirates

    Anyone play it? My wife and I have been on Cerulean since it was a young Cobalt. Even if you don't sub or even play anymore (or much), I would love to have a few spares in my crew and definitely need new hearties since anyone I know (other than my wife) are long inactive.
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    Starving for cookies. You couldn't even wait for them to cool, you just pounced like a cat waiting for a gopher to pop out of its hole as soon as I opened the oven.
  3. Grozkar


    LDS father of two in California, ... no, not the city part, the dried up rural part that no one talks about. Had my arm twisted into GW2, not that i was that resistant, just not one for MMORPGs normally. Yep. I'll see if anyone reads this much before I say more.
  4. Grozkar

    D&d Next/5Th Edition/whatever. Who Wants To Play?

    It works pretty well, Brisinger's husband and I have played Numenera on it. It seems well worth it for any role playing game. I haven't played D&D since they released Third Ed.
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    Seriously, twisted my arm, nearly broke it. She's vicious in person.
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    Thanks all. I'm enjoying it so far. My only complaint is that there are large bodies of water and a cooking skill, but absolutely no way to take fish from those waters as far as I've found yet. An Asura engineer making sashimi and sushi would tickle my little heart, but the rest is great.