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  1. Boaz

    Returning To Gw2

    I just need something different from WoW. LOTRO isn't cutting it. I'm really just waiting for either Camelot Unchained or Pathfinder Online to be "fully" released. I like games with territory control and character dungeons/raids. Darkfall and Mortal Online just didn't work for me. Global Agenda was my favorite game until everyone left due to bots. However, Guild Wars has a special place since it was my first MMO.
  2. Boaz

    Returning To Gw2

    I deleted my toons (all were below level 10) and moved to Yak's Bend. My character is named Charkul. My GW2 account is Boaz.1694. Send me a guild invite and I will fight for MoB!
  3. Boaz

    Returning To Gw2

    Howdy Folks, I'm returning to GW2 and before I invest a lot of time/energy to a new character, I'd like to ask MB a few questions to help me: 1.) Is MB active in Guild Wars 2 still? Active meaning, you raid/dungeon on a regular basis (once a week-ish) 2.) What classes would be most beneficial to the guild for raids/dungeons? I'd like to play a class that would be helpful to the guild. I'm looking at Warrior, Ranger, and Elementalist atm. I like each and have played them past level 10. 3.) Are a lot of MB GW2 players planning to move to another MMO/game soon? I'd hate to level up, only to know that most players are burned out with GW2 and move on to something like Camelot Unchained or some other game in Beta. Very Respectfully, Boaz
  4. Boaz

    War Thunder

    Warthunder is a much better game than Wargaming's World of Planes. WoP is NOT good. I am a fan of World of Tanks and curious how Warthunder will implement tanks into their game. Being a US Navy man myself, looking forward to either World of Warships by Wargaming or Warthunder's take on ships.
  5. Boaz

    Dayz Standalone Mmo

    I know this isn't the atypical MoB game, but anyone playing DayZ MMO in alpha that's for sale on Steam for $29.99? I'm thinking of playing it. It's a little graphic/blood obviouisly as a zombie game. Would like to start playing and play as a hero (doesn't shoot first) as opposed to bandit (kill on sight) type player. DayZ MMO: http://dayzgame.com/
  6. Missing Merica

  7. Are people no longer playing in the Fallen from Grace guild? I'm so close to 50 and enjoy my Sorcerer... BLAH! Nothing but frustration with SWTOR atm.
  8. Boaz

    How Many Will Be Playing?

    I'm really on the fence on this one. GW1 was my first MMO and really enjoyed it. However, I only have time for one MMO and have already invested so much time in SWTOR. But the one thing that is really bothering me is that I haven't enjoyed playing SWTOR as much as I had hoped. I feel like I'm soloing too much and not MMOing enough. I will probably stick it out till BioWare comes out with their group finder next month... but it if sucks, then I'll be moving over to GW2. Would be fun to be a Charr necromancer. Plus, no monthly sub is nice.
  9. Republic: Bo'az (Smuggler) B'oaz (Jedi Consular) Empire: Krool (Sith Sorcerer) [Main] Krule (Sith Juggernaut) Payme (Bounty Hunter)
  10. Boaz

    Eve Online

    I would still advise going with Nephite Tribe. They still operate in high and low sec. Great for beginners (less than 1 year). They have mining ops weekly as well, which is nice and laid back. Here's my take on races (the quick and skinny) Amarr: Cool lasers (makes ammo cheaper) and the Apocolype BS is the master of range dps. Caldari: Great mission ships (Drake BC and Raven BS) because they shield tank and missiles. They also have good EW ships (jamming, etc). Gallente: Drones! Drone ships are fantastic, but not as sexy. Minmitar: PvP masters because of their speed (ugly ships though).
  11. Personally, I think the head token further encourages me to stay with my choice as Sith. Of course, this is coming from a grown man who, as a kid, played dirty DEA and dope dealers (a grittier version of cops and robbers ; ).
  12. Boaz

    Global Agenda

    I wanted to bump this game up. It's now free to download and no monthly fee. You can level up to max level 50 with no payments. It's really free to play and I just can't get enough... and if I do I can just put it down and not worry about losing money or feeling forced to play. They have also added pve solo missions, which adds a lot more to the game and pvp is hands down awesome.
  13. Boaz

    Eve Online

    Are there any current or upcoming player come back offers? I'd like to return to Eve, but $20/month is too steep for me.
  14. Boaz

    Master Character List for Kael'thas

    I'm in (big THX to Crom). Mwahaha, suckers... wait, no bank access? *upside-down happy face* If anyone needs to level up an alt between 60-70, I'll be healing instances on my voyage to 85. I'll usually be on early (or really late, depending on where you're at).
  15. Boaz

    Master Character List for Kael'thas

    I just paid to move my level 63 resto shaman over that I'm still leveling. His name is Boaziel. I've been trying to get a guild invite for the past two days with no luck. Can someone please hook me up? I know that I'm on usually too early since I'm stationed in England. Please help.