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    Cool! Thanks! If you guys aren't famililar with Crunchyroll, it's a subscription service that you an watch unlimited anime shows and read manga and stuff. You can stream it on your computer, tablet, PS3 / PS4, and Wii U. I'm not sure if it's available on Xbox yet.

    Discuss your favorite MMOs here

    Cool! I'll look for you then. I already started following you on the Lodestone. I play on and off as well but hope to keep playing more frequently for the next few months.


    Cool! I haven't tried Guild Wars 2 but I have a friend that used to play. My PC isn't up to par with gaming really unless you count indie RPG Maker games the the oldest of old games on Steam. In the future a gaming PC would be cool to have though I often hesitate just because console games used to be different than what you'd find on PC and worry after dumping that much money on a gaming PC, I won't find anything I like. But I always take recommendations.

    Negative Friends

    I don't know what sort of relationship you have with these people but as someone who found herself in a place of negativity for a very long time, I know one thing I would have wished someone was willing to do was help me find the positive things that whatever I was going through caused me to forget. I understand it's hard and frustrating to hear negativity all the time and I totally feel that, maybe your friend just needs some help re-framing the situations. See if they respond to that kind of effort and give it a few tries. I know when I was having troubles, I needed help being lifted. See how your friends respond. If they continuously refuse the help to try to get through the situation and try to find the light at the end of the tunnel, then a re-evaluation of the situation may be in order.

    Discuss your favorite MMOs here

    Hello! I am happy to see that there are some FFXIV players and you seem to be on the same server as me. I am also on Balmung and my main character's name is Moko Fehoko! I would love to meet up and get to know some people on there. I am currently a level 34 Dragoon and getting ready to battle Titan.


    Hello! My name is Kim. I'm 34 and I love video games, anime, and Lego. I was in search of a community of other LDS people that had the same or similar interests as myself as I don't really know anyone that does. I play mostly RPGs, preference toward the Japanese RPGs like Final Fantasy, the Tales of Series, and etc. I have A Wii U, a PS3, a 3DS, a PS Vita, and will be looking to add the PS4 sometime in May or June. I'm a Lego fanatic. AFOL in my handle stands for Adult Fan of Lego. I have my own humble amateur Lego blog where I post progress on my building. You can check it out at http://thebrickaholic.blogspot.com. In church I serve as the RS Secretary in my family ward. Anyway, I look forward to meeting all of you can finding some good people to talk games with. =)