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  1. ethan

    Star Wars Galaxy Of Heros

    etherfett is me, i dont have a group yet, figured i would pull people from my friends list together, not sure how it all works yet
  2. ethan

    Star Wars Galaxy Of Heros

    sorry for the delayed response, but i have sent over the invite
  3. ethan

    Star Wars Galaxy Of Heros

    I am still playing, I dont think i have you on my friends list, what is your ally code and i will add you guilds will be interesting, it will be nice to get more content in the game
  4. ethan

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    Life has been pretty busy around here too, I am back in school only taking 2 classes but with one of them being calculus it is very busy. Plus working 40 hours a week and helping out with the kids i don't get a lot of time to play, when I do play i have been pretty much exclusively on steam. recently being endless dungeon, but i have also played broforce recently, and a bit of Kotor. no MMOs currently, they take too much time for me to play
  5. ethan

    Star Wars Galaxy Of Heros

    sent the invite over
  6. ethan

    Star Wars Galaxy Of Heros

    sending the request, should show up as EtherFett
  7. ethan

    Star Wars Galaxy Of Heros

    you have a personal code in the game, I would enter the code and send the invite you would then accept and we are friends message me here or in a personal message your code and i will add you
  8. ethan

    Star Wars Galaxy Of Heros

    hey so there is a fairly new mobile game out that is a turn past strategy game, anyone playing it? I am level 47 right now, if you are interested I will add you in the game and you will then be able to borrow my players to help you out.
  9. ethan

    I Am New

    might want to post that in the GW2 threads as i dont know if they look here, i am sure they do but who knows, lol i have been logging in daily recently but just to collect my log in reward
  10. ethan

    I Am New

    so i just google translated that and it has something to do with a corset?.........
  11. ethan

    Raids Coming In Heart Of Thorns

    raids might draw me back in, I always liked the raiding in WoW but could never get the gear to be in the brand new raids, so i was always behind. but no gear treadmill means i could raid casually, very nice.
  12. ethan

    Does Anyone Play Minecraft?

    it has been a long time since I have played, you can set up your own server and have it a white list server meaning only people on the list can actually log in, multi player is for sure better than single player, but i find it the most fun when it is a close group not random people, if i ever get back into the game i will be sure to let you know
  13. ethan


    we would love to have you, an officer will get you an invite soon. they might need the ID with the .3876 at the end to get the invite over for you. welcome back!
  14. ethan

    Don't Starve Together

    They recently opened the Beta to all owners of Don't Starve I have been hosting a server in the evening, If anyone is interested I have learned the basics and some advanced techniques and would love to impart knowledge to anyone interested in playing, the more the merrier
  15. ethan

    Hearthstone: Tavern Brawls Coming Soon

    well i guess it is not 2v2, but this looks interesting