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  1. Are you still active? Or can you recommend a LDS based family guild?
  2. rdcrisco

    Anybody Playing?

    So anybody playing any more? Looking to either join a guild or invite people to create or manage a guild. I am not a serious Raider, but I do login every night for a few hours and check out the groups.
  3. rdcrisco

    D&d Next/5Th Edition/whatever. Who Wants To Play?

    I have not played since the 2nd Edition D&D and we were starting incorporate Ravenloft in the series.. lol. I miss thoses days.
  4. rdcrisco

    Horde Guild Update

    I am working on a Level 21 Pandersion Warrior tank named IronJack. If you guys want me to tank low level charactors, I willl be happy to help. Just be patient because I have not done alot of tanking. My next tank will be a Orc DK. I am usualy on about 6 to 11 pm EST. If you want me to tank, just message me on battlnet. Robert Crankvolt, IronJack, Zebfon
  5. rdcrisco

    Joining The Warcraft Guild

    Greetings, my name is Robert I live on the East Coast and hoping you guys are move active than my last guild. I usally love DPSing as a Mage but I am willing to do other classes if needed. I enjoy doing any type of raiding(especially low level:BWD) and doing team quests. I brought my highest Horder character CrankVolt to the server. All my 90's are alliance, so I might switch to the alliance server also. My son who lives in Utah, is semi active(mostly due to grades), but he will try join when he can. Robert aka SloppyChomps, CrankVolt
  6. rdcrisco

    Master Character List for Kael'thas

    Crankvolt 90 Goblin Frost Mage, Kael'thas Achievement 10305 IronJack 21 Panderian Protect Warrior, Kael'thas Zebfon 14 Troll Marksmanship Hunter, Kael'thas