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  1. zephyrus23

    Mormon Battalion - The Guild, Guild Ranks, & Structure

    I was wondering if I could get an invite to the GW2 guild. Korvo Solidor (zephyrus.3476). I'm getting really excited for HoT.
  2. zephyrus23

    Hello From House Solidor

    Hey all, I've gotten back into GW2 with excitement for the expansion. I'll be glad when I can quest/craft my precursor. But I just wanted to reach out and see if the guild (or anyone) is still actively playing (it's been hard trying to tack people down). I'm not feeling a lot of fulfillment with my current guild, and I'd much rather be in one with like minded people. Please feel free to reach out to me--I'm almost always good for dungeons and fractals. Korvo Solidor (zephyrus.3476)
  3. zephyrus23

    Key Farming Still Possible.

    Thank you for sharing!
  4. zephyrus23

    Gw2- Player Tags

    zephyrus.3476 Korvo Solidor Norn Guardian (I'm on Ehmry Bay server, but I'd like to play PVE with Mormon Battalion).
  5. zephyrus23

    Final Fantasy Xiv Arr Character List

    I've put WildStar down for a bit until they merge servers, in the mean time I'm a FFXIV vet but I'm going to start a new toon on Balmung as soon as it opens up.
  6. zephyrus23


    Guess what? Carbine Studios has given out 7-Day trial keys to various websites. You can learn more about that here. If you've been wanting to try it out, now's your chance. And if you want to join some other LDS (for PvE), come to the Caretaker server.
  7. zephyrus23


    I was playing GW2 on Ehmry Bay last year, but I find that I like WildStar's combat much more fun and engaging. If anyone missed Beta and wants to try it out, I can try and dig up my guest keys (I think I have three) that are good for a weekend(?). Anyway, I too will be on the Caretaker server playing Exile. You can message me in-game at "DalanSolidor"
  8. zephyrus23


    Hey, I'm currently playing on Orias, but am willing to move to Caretaker (I was thinking of doing it anyway as Orias has a small population). I have a level 50 medic "VosslerSolidor" that I will move to Caretaker, but I will go ahead and start an alt and get in touch with you, ellerkidd. Exiles for the Win!