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  1. Hey guys, I joined the website a month or two back. And I thought I'd officially introduce myself to you guys. My name is Denielle and I'm from WI. I've been playing wow for almost 2 years on horde Nathrezim. My husband and I are kinda hardcore raiders. About 7 months ago we started raiding with a sunwell guild and met some church members on there, I had been interested in the church as a teenager and they sparked the desire to learn more again. I got baptized back in October, and my husband is hopefully getting baptized soon. We're hoping to make alliance DK's and play with your ally guild once the patch makes it possible. We found out that 2 members of our ward are in your guild, so we thought we'd have some fun Our server has a small LDS guild, made of mostly one ward, they call themselves Pain Vendor. If you ever want to pop on and say hi to us, I'm Zarewien and Lchyim, my husband is Tsyr. The World of Warcraft Armory The World of Warcraft Armory Hope to talk to you all soon