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    Thanks guys I will keep this in mind
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    Practacle not practice sorry
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    I was trying to see if people were just as uncomfortable with the looks of all caster class females norm, human, sylvari and I came o a thread on here. I know that we could just transmute and stuff but the initial equipment is terrible so I was trying different characters to see how quickly it would take to get practice armor based off the trading post didn't help my OCD but I guess that is a rant for another thread.
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    Hey guys still trying to get used to everything here but I put on my profile some of this but saw I can make it official here. I play gw2 not a ton but enough that I can see benefits from this I'm on DB server zegBC4805 so look me up. Gw2 is my first MMO and probably my only one because I am not wanting to spend monies I play league of Legends at times and Pokemon y so that Is kind of a quick overview
  5. so hi guys. so on gw2 I am on DB server pretty casual so I don't know if I will transfer or anything yet so yeah hi