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  1. Ishmere

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    WoW still for me , though I did play Ark for a bit , Not sure if I am going to do Vanilla WoW yet as everyone I know will be playing horde and Im a die hard Alliance player lol. If any of you all plan on playing Vanilla on allaince let me know or Anyone who still plays WoW hit me up Yennefer#11419 Justy šŸ’œ
  2. Ishmere

    World Of Warcraft: Legion!

    Hi All I have started a guild on Veknilash for LDS and non member players called " Light Forged" hope to play again with old friends and new Pm me for details or ingame to Justy .
  3. Ishmere

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    thats awesome
  4. Ishmere

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    Also I don't think anyones toons should be removed from the guild weather active or not unless they have been abusive or broken guild rules
  5. Ishmere

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    Im on WOW pretty much everyday , No guild has ever been as good as LDS was , I guess I was silly to think that it could all go back to how it was but the fact remains that there are lds members in the world who do play who will do like I did and google Mormon wow guilds so we can still build it back up again . Plus I know there are a lot of old members who would love to come back again , but we need to make it friendly and inviting . Im sorry if anything I have said has hurt. I havnt meant to, I guess I have this hope that the guild will be restored to the way it was . I have the best memories of that time , and was an invaluable tool for me when I was struggling with Testimony . Im not the best choice for GM at all , but hope to somehow get us all back together , the hard core raiders , the casual players ALL of us
  6. Ishmere

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    I actually didnt consider myself as GM but I really desire to have us all back together playing again like a big family that we once were and hopefully all let the past go , If someone needs to volunteer to do that then sure ill give it a shot until a more suitable person comes along . I guess I cant say I want changes unless Im willing to volunteer to help it happen . I would so love for Corr and Jaer to come back , Id love it all to be just like it was one day
  7. Ishmere

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    Krystalyne did a great job in there , I also hung in there along time when noone else was on and tried really hard to recruit and rerecruit old members . Sadly my love for raiding made it impossible to keep Justy in there , and my other toons were demoted from Officer once Justy left so I could no longer add people . If Corranas is coming back to play seeing as he is the original founder of the guild that would be awesome to have him back . Im happy to volunteer to bring in numbers through recruitment if people are ok with that, Im also happy to stand aside if there is someone who is more skilled in the game then me as well. I dont think Im well suited as a long term GM as there are so many players I know with far more knowledge of each different class . I only play a Hunter so that does limit me
  8. Ishmere

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    Ive tried to encourage a ressurection many times in Vek. Joining back I had hoped to have that nice environment where we could have a friendly guild again . I often tried to chat and encourage things but was most often ignored. So I left again because it was pretty lonely not being responded to even when i said HI . I dont want to hurt anyones feelings but I think its time for a new GM to make a fresh start . So ALL members if they want can feel comfortable to return if they choose . We need to heal the the feelings from the past and maybe the best way is a new start . I would love to see the original GMs Corr or Jaer return if possible . and if not someone who wasnt involved with the past like Eldryth . I also want to state I dont have any bad feelings or think anyone has done a bad job at all cause thats not the case. but I think a new leader would help to resolve things from the past fallout so ALL members can return if they choose . I really hope i havnt offended cause i dont mean to I just think if we want to have it renewed to what it was new changes need to happen . Justy ( KataƱa)
  9. Ishmere

    Because It Needs To Be Done...

    Is there any LDS members still playing on Vek , I miss you guys , Justy is now KataƱa is you want to add me
  10. Ishmere

    Master Character List for Vek'nilash

    Justy is now KataƱa if anyone wants to know , also wondering if any LDS guilds are operating on Warcraft
  11. Ishmere

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    Justy has been changed to KataƱa on Vek if you want to add me as friend
  12. Ishmere

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    Yes I would be interested I am back playing more frequently currently am with Path of Honor as they have a few members there still . My toons name is Justy
  13. Ishmere

    A Reason To Love A Pug :)

    now i cant get that monty phython song outta my head haha
  14. Ishmere

    How Far Does An Addict Go?

    I dont listen to them but I read he had a very abusive childhood thats why his songs are so sad
  15. As much as I like to complain about pugs last night had every reason to love them . Especially lets say for arguements sake a hunters stay bullet pulled the Boss and wiped everyone. The Hunter might then be able to bravely run away and save face and ridicule by easily with one swift movement ./ leave party ( When Danger Reared Its Ugly Head, She Bravely Turned Her Tail and Fled )xD hehe