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  1. lizzystclair

    Cancelling Wow

    Sorry to see you go! Eldryth, I'm hoping the expansion is cool. That's why I reactivated our accounts! Lizzy
  2. lizzystclair

    Joining The Warcraft Guild

    Hi Robert! I usually play on the Alliance side as well! Our guild is a bit dead right now over there so anyone who wants to play is welcome but you have to be willing to put up with me chatting your eyes out Hope to see you sometime Lizzy Preslie, Lizzyanne, Sisterdoula, Emmeline
  3. lizzystclair

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    Hey ya'll! I'm baaaaackkk! I don't know if anyone cares, but I will be making a showing on Vek for some of my non stop chatter and constant aggroing of monsters I can't fight on my own. I've missed you all! Hopefully we can get some fun stuff going soon!! Love Preslie (Lizzy)
  4. lizzystclair

    Need Book Recommendations

    I just finished The Help...super good book
  5. lizzystclair

    I'll Be Out For A While

    Girl, I had so much fun playing with you. I will miss you, but hopefully not for too long. I'm feeling the burn with the 4 kids being home from school all day too, so I totally feel ya! Have a great summer Lizzy
  6. lizzystclair

    Alliance Guild

    We would love to have you! I'll be on tonight whisper me and I'll shoot you an invite Lizzy Lizzyanne, Emmelline, Preslie, Ellary
  7. lizzystclair

    Greetings And Salutations!

    Welcome! This is an awesome group of people. Glad you're here Lizzy
  8. lizzystclair

    Horde Guild

    All guilds do this. I love the way Maven explained it! Like a phoenix
  9. Hey ya'll, Just wanted to remind you that Eldryth has organized a dungeon run for tonight at 8! Hope to see you there! We had a great time running some lower stuff with Alterboy last night. We'll be doing that next Thursday also. Happy Questing Lizzy
  10. lizzystclair

    Lowbie Night On Vek

    We had a great time again last night running some low level stuff with Alterboy. We go every Thursday night, so if you're interested in having a low level character get run through some dungeons, you are welcome to join us! Lizzy
  11. lizzystclair

    Time To Get Our Dungeon On Vekkies :)

    Hey ya'll, Just wanted to remind you that Eldryth has organized a dungeon run for tonight at 9! Hope to see you there! Had some fun watching Justy and Wispering kill stuff for us last night! If you ever want a lower level run for an alt, just let us know. Happy Questing Lizzy
  12. lizzystclair

    Greetings From Longtime Wower

    I'm sorry that you only play Horde since Alliance is so much better.....BUT welcome to the group There are some awesome people here and I'm glad you're here too! Happy Questing Lizzy
  13. lizzystclair

    Time To Get Our Dungeon On Vekkies :)

    That would be awesome Gina! I'll be there tonight. I've been so busy this week, I'm dying for some WoW time
  14. lizzystclair


    Welcome Welcome!!! This is a great group of people. Happy Questing Lizzy
  15. lizzystclair

    Mage builds

    Brock...I'm working on my mage on Vek!!
  16. lizzystclair

    Alliance Raiding

    This is awesome that you are doing this Eldryth! I'm super excited to raid with you guys!
  17. lizzystclair

    Time To Get Our Dungeon On Vekkies :)

    Hey ya'll, don't forget that we are running heroics tonight with Eldryth at 9pm game time. Hope to see you there!!! Happy Questing Lizzy
  18. lizzystclair

    What's The Haps...

    Thanks for the update. I hope everything turns out well for you. Take care of yourself
  19. lizzystclair

    G'day Everyone

    Welcome Welcome!!! We're glad to have you Lizzy
  20. lizzystclair

    Time To Get Our Dungeon On Vekkies :)

    I will run the lower level dungeon. I was planning on doing it around 9pm. Hope to see you guys
  21. lizzystclair

    Time To Get Our Dungeon On Vekkies :)

    Oh, so sorry! I did miss that post. I will look for you for sure! Lizzyanne,Preslie, Emmeline
  22. lizzystclair


    Welcome to our group!! Glad to have you. I see that you've already gotten an invite to the guild. Let us know if you need any help Lizzy
  23. lizzystclair

    Time To Get Our Dungeon On Vekkies :)

    Just wanted to remind you that we are getting together to kill stuff tonight!! I think it's 9pm I won't be able to make it tonight, my brother and his wife had their baby so I'm off to Lubbock to meet my new niece!! Man I wish I could play on the road, it's a long drive. Anyway...may your night be filled with epic loot!!! lizzy
  24. lizzystclair

    Time To Get Our Dungeon On Vekkies :)

    Even though no one laughed at my corny jokes....it was a lot of fun last night Thanks Eldryth!!
  25. lizzystclair

    Invite To Latter Deis Sanctus Alliance Please

    I should be on tonight too! Lizzyanne or Preslie