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    Family, Church, Scouting, Computers, Disc Golf, Gaming, Looking good in a suit! :)
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    Co-founded the Midnight Saints in GW1 with my main character Michael Flattery. Linked up with the MoB back in 09. Greatest in game achievement was getting the GWAMM title.
  1. Personally I dont see any problems with gaming. The problems come in when it overcomes all other things. I have seen many that avoid their spouce to play, miss out on family events, not play with their kids, miss work, forget their church service and responsibilities and so forth. However, gaming is not even the issue here. For me, anything that takes away from the above can diminish a relationship and destroy a family. My father played golf, for others its their work. I am not saying that gaming has no place or can only be done with the kids are asleep and soforth; there needs to be a healthy balance on our extra activities in life, but always remembering what is the priority.
  2. Chris Burns

    Final Fantasy 6 Ocremix Album

    Thanks for a heads up on this. I've always been a huge fan of this game and its music. I have tons of remixes such as the Voices of Lifestream. Great album there too!
  3. Chris Burns

    Guild Activity - June 4, 2013

    This is such a great and fun idea. I love this!
  4. Chris Burns

    Mormon Battalion - The Guild, Guild Ranks, & Structure

    This is a topic of concern that we have and are looking into these matters ATM. We welcome all voices to share what they feel is going right and going wrong. The idea was to not have people running a campeign to serve as Guild Leaders. However, if you want to add to community events and schedule guild activites, please do so!
  5. Chris Burns

    Arah Path 1

    This week is rather bad for me, but what night are you looking at playing?
  6. Chris Burns


    Sony Tablet S. It connects to my PS3 controller nativly and I run all my emulators on it. Its a portable GAMING system! I also read many books on it, teach all my Gospel Principle lessons on it, use it for my scriptures, and such. If I was in school I would get the bluetooth keyboard for it and use it for class notes, and write papers using Google Drive. I also use it to watch Netflix, place movies on it, listen to music on it, serf the internet... *shrugs
  7. Chris Burns

    Under An Hour

    Hey MoB'ers So I have ben struggling a little here and wanted to reach out to the community and see what you think. I have found that in my life ATM, that my playing time is very sporidic and I cant always plan on when I can play. As such, there are times that I maybe have an hour or less that I can play. So my question is, what is there to do? So far my thoughts are: mapping, story mode, I could see maybe a dungeon but then comes the hard part of getting people together and thats if they are not already in the process of doing something. Is that it? *Disclaimer. I am not trolling. I love GW2
  8. Chris Burns


    Welcome Welcome! Great to find another gamer member. We understand that life and family comes first so we never have any requirements that you have to be in a game "x" amount of time or what not. Come for the ride, stay for the new frienships!
  9. Chris Burns

    Unlimited Use Mining Pick

    I am also thinking about it as a $10 investment to purchase the gems is not a bad deal as well. I just dont go out to Chipotle for 1 week and I have the money!
  10. Chris Burns

    Arah - Path 4

    Wow! That is an intense read!
  11. Chris Burns

    Arah Explorable - Path 2

    I'll see how things go, but Friday 7pm Pacific time....what is that, 8pm MST would work for me.
  12. Chris Burns

    Title Explanation?

    Found it! Click on your name on the top of the page A menu will appear, select "My Profile" On the new page, a black box will appear called "Edit Profile" click it Now you can have fun with your info. Under Profile Information, there is a field called, "Member Title" Choose a title, but choose....wisely! Hope this helps!
  13. Chris Burns

    Title Explanation?

    I have no idea and supposedly I did it before. Cant remember how, but I like it!
  14. just wanted to stop by and say hi. :)

  15. Chris Burns


    What is this Real Life that you speak of? Is that what the wife is doing while I am video gaming?