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  1. krystalyne

    Anybody Playing?

    Some of us still play. I have very little time to play and when I do, it is spent playing with my husband.
  2. krystalyne

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    Trying to find myself after being a full-time care-giver. Figuring out which direction to go in. I still play WoW, because I can and it is mindless! And other stuff.
  3. krystalyne

    Big Congrats To Scott And Cecilia!

    Congrats! Thiok and I met in Everquest and were sealed in the Montreal Temple.
  4. krystalyne

    Lotro--Elendilmir Server Shutting Down?

    I am late to the party here. Thiok moved all my characters over to Arkenstone. I love LOTRO, but have no time to play.
  5. krystalyne

    Any Alliance Players?

    There are some of us that still play Alliance.
  6. krystalyne

    Wod - Alpha And Beta Testing

    I was very fortunate to enter the last stages of Alpha testing. It has been very interesting to see how the game developed as well as how the community behaved. You would enter throught the portal and do x,y, and z quests, run down the path a few yards and that was it. There was no moaning or complaining. People were just glad to be a part of it. Enter Beta, no sooner you go through the portal and the complaining begins. Why is this quest broken? Why isn't it fixed, yet? Blizzard sucks! It has been (so many) hours, why haven't they fixed the quest? Why can't I go to this area? Why can't I go to that area? Why isn't there any hit on my armor? Why is there intellect on my plate armor? Why can't I fly? Why can't I level? Why can't I do this. Or why can't I do that? Blizzard sucks! The quests are all broken! First to level 91! Really!?! This is beta, not a race. I was so excited to find, for lack of better words, a jumping puzzle that led to a cave. After doing jumping puzzles in GW2, this was a cake walk. There was no reward, just a silver elite, but is was fun to find and do it. As I stood in the mouth of the cave, looking down at all the little ants running around doing quests. and competing for mobs, I was aware that there was and will be much to see and do in this game, even after 10 years of playing. *edited for spelling: WoD
  7. krystalyne

    Due To Life . . .

    Amulek, I am the sole care giver for my mother who is bed bound and incontinent. I find myself being afk anywhere from 15 min to an hour or more at a time, taking care of her needs. It is too difficult to try and do things with a guild. No one wants to wait for you. I, also, find myself doing alot of solo play or grouping up with my husband who lives in another country. (kill two birds with one stone there!) I miss the guild atmosphere as well as the members, but just don't have the time to give to them. Hopefully, you are not doing this alone like I am and you have other to help you. If not, you need an ear, I am here. No one and I mean no one knows how difficult it is to be the sole care giver unless you have been there yourself. Take time for yourself, hire someone to step in for you, good luck and know we are always here.
  8. krystalyne

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    Actually the guild, as it stands right now, is pretty much how it was when I joined. The active members were Jer, Corr, Daehnolem and her husband Chonk, one other female player (who left to join a more active raiding guild), myself and my husband. I wish I could say that I have been spending my slow afternoons in a retirement home, but unfortunately, I have been spending the past five months sitting in the hospital, by a family member's bedside, watching them died a slow death due to a health provider's negligence, wishing I could turn back the clocks. So you will forgive me for not being logged into the game 24/7 to provide any and everyone a gaming/raiding/invite atmosphere for your pleasure. If people want to raid/do guild actitivties or event, then stay with the guild.
  9. krystalyne

    Resurrecting The Alliance

    The Alliance is still alive, perhaps not as active as some would like it to be. The guild is at a place where many of the players are comfortable with. Players are busy with other games, life and/or activities and log on when they want a change of pace. When the time comes and more guildmembers log on at the same time, then perhaps guild events will take place.
  10. krystalyne

    Wanting To Join Guild

    Hi and welcome to the community. I am the guild leader of the Alliance guild. Several of the members in the guild have had to put real life before the game and are only able to log on for limited playing time. Without making those players feel left out or pressure to play, guild activites, events and raids have been placed on hold, so you may find it a lonely place. If you find you need help, I encourage you to make a post in the WoW section and allow players time to respond. I check the forums everyday and if I have the spare time, I and my husband will help. Let me know what is the best time to guild invite you.
  11. krystalyne

    Neverwinter's F2P Model

    Has anyone tried out the game since it went live a few days ago?
  12. krystalyne

    Hello Lords And Ladies

    Welcome to the community.
  13. krystalyne

    Hi Guys

    Welcome to the community. I have a daughter in San Antonio and there are some other MoB members that live near Austin.
  14. krystalyne

    Mob The Map, Lowbie Edition

    Sounds like fun. I will try to join you.
  15. krystalyne

    Laptop Suggestions

    No Costco here, but we do have a Sam's.