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    Computers (especially programming), dragons, photography, embedded electronics platforms (arduino!), outdoors, music, gaming, life, having fun. :)
  1. Rathios

    Hello Friends

    Mesmers love jumping puzzles... Welcome to the guild!
  2. Rathios

    Darn You School...

    Show them who's boss.
  3. Rathios

    Is Our Guild Still Alive?

    Finally on a new job with some pretty intensive training, working on getting a new Nissan Leaf I get to test drive next week, etc etc etc. I'm still around and will have time again when I get to settle.
  4. Rathios

    Something's Gotta Give...

    Sometimes we've just got to bite the dust. There's still the forums for keeping in touch, though. Would love to see more people posting in the Family Life section and share some experiences, I've been considering that as well.
  5. Rathios

    Playing Over The Next Couple Of Weeks

    That's not something you do every day. Best of luck!
  6. A successful run, thanks all. It was nice to do some JPs as a group again.
  7. The well one in LA is Troll's End. We should have little trouble doing Urmaug's Secret just after it without parking a mesmer there beforehand, since it's so quick. Hmmm... I think I will do Dark Reverie, the nightmare court one in Caledon Forest. One of the trickiest to complete, but easiest to port. anyone for Morgan's Leap for both in one go? Edit: I'd like to request if we can do this a bit earlier than guild events usually are, maybe at least a couple hours earlier. I have to keep a decent schedule. :/ On the plus side, we can do it more than once if anyone misses it.
  8. Rathios

    Glad To Be Part Of Mormon Battalion

    I was in the same boat as you, I'd been playing GW2 more than a year in my own little guild with a few friends until I ran into MoB. Welcome!
  9. Rathios

    Loco's Profession

    That's really neat! I always wondered if your account name was irl related. What got you interested in the profession?
  10. Rathios

    Jumping Puzzle Invasion: December Edition

    I will happily park at one, plus do any puzzle impromptu while the guild fizzes through other ones. JPs are one of my favourite aspects to the game and I know them all well. Okay, -most- of them.
  11. Rathios


    Can't say I disagree, the Scarlet thing is getting pretty old and doesn't spark much interest when she appears yet again. She's the ultimate perfect supervillain behind all recent major disasters and random alliances and doesn't feel like good storywriting. (Molten alliance, Toxic alliance. Aetherblades, cupcake alliance... any more? lol.) It's about time we got some actual story related to the real Tyrian threats, where's Primordus, Kralkatorrik, Jormag, the fabled undersea creature?
  12. Rathios

    Post Pictures Of Your Legendary!

    I did, though I've tried to keep quiet in general. xD No more for me for a while! Would love to see more of them, anyone else?
  13. I'm not generally able to stay up starting from 4 am at the moment for the guild missions since life is happening, but I can make an exception next weekend if necessary. Thanksgiving isn't an official holiday here, so I have nowhere in particular to be. I don't know some of the guild missions very well, but we can do some easier ones/easier stuff if there's only a few of us.
  14. Rathios

    Post Pictures Of Your Legendary!

    Figured I would wait until others had a chance to post.. but I guess I'll start. Attached screenies. Hold on to your chair. Taking good screenshots of weapons underwater is very difficult
  15. Rathios

    Boy Or Girl?

    I'm 24% sure there's a 50% chance it will be a boy and 50% chance it will be a girl, and 76% sure it's not exactly 50/50%.