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  1. JennaRee


    Thank you!!!!
  2. JennaRee


    Hey so I spent a gooooood chunk of time trying to connect to the discord server. The links I was typing just weren't working, and I can't find the link on this website anywhere! Maybe I'm just blind, probably But can someone post it here?
  3. So I was thinking about my favorite ones because its getting closer to Halloween and "Shadow of the Mad King" was probably my favorite living story thing. I hope they do something simliar this Halloween I also really liked "Dragon Bash" and "Bazaar of the Four Winds". Those are my favorites but I want to know what everyone elses favorites are! I've probably forgotten about a lot of them
  4. JennaRee

    Tequatl Rising

    I've only tried Tequatl once so far and I thought it was... interesting I did Jormag too and I thought it was A LOT better. Apparently Blackgate took down Tequatl twice, here is a link to a video of the second time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-yAVffuKqE
  5. JennaRee

    Arah Any/all Paths

    I don't know if I'll be on when you are looking to go, but if I am I'd love to come along! I've only done explore once though so I might be REEEEALLY bad at it
  6. JennaRee

    Whats Your In Game Goal?

    I'm hoping to craft the Predator, but that is a looong way into the future if anyone wants to do Crucible of Eternity though, let me know because I need 500 or so of those dungeon tokens. I also want to get all my characters up to level 80, but that is also a ways down the road. Oh and also, I need 500 badges of honor, so if anyone ever wants to help me stay alive in the Eternal Battlegrounds jumping puzzle, it would be much appreciated I'm surprised at how many griefers there are in there. Rude people are rude.
  7. JennaRee


    Haha I don't know what it means, but from what I've observed I'm guessing flowers are a bad thing I usually do PvE, but if you ever want to get a group going for WvW I'd be happy to tag along!
  8. JennaRee


    Hi! I'm Jenna and I play Guild Wars 2. My main characters name is Brynn Lee. I have other characters I play as sometimes, all of which are asura XD they're such a handsome little race. Anyways, I'm excited to be a member of this guild and look forward to glorious adventuring!